Monday, December 4, 2023

‘Operation Ajay’ Brings Indians Home From Israel Amid Conflict, Students Thank The Government

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Amid global distress over the ongoing Israel conflict, the initiative ‘Operation Ajay’ emerges as a ray of hope for stranded Indians, offering a lifeline for their secure repatriation to their homeland.

In heartfelt accounts shared by two Indian students, Vishesh and Harsh, expressed their gratitude to the Indian government for orchestrating this remarkable rescue mission. Vishesh, who recently returned from Tel Aviv, joyfully expressed, “I am very happy, and it’s been really scary here. Now we are going home. See you in India. Thanks a lot, Indian government for evacuating us.”

Similarly, Harsh, a master’s student in electrical engineering at Tel Aviv University, voiced his relief, “We are happy that the Modi government is providing us with support through ‘Operation Ajay.’ My parents were worried due to the situation, but they will be happy to see me home now.”

Reflecting on the mission, the Indian Ambassador to Israel, Sanjeev Singla, emphasized the Embassy’s commitment to the welfare of Indian citizens in Israel. He affirmed, “As I said yesterday, the Embassy of India in Tel Aviv has been working continuously to ensure the safety and welfare of all our Indian citizens in Israel. Yesterday, the external affairs minister announced Operation Ajay to help those Indians who wish to return to India. And today, under Operation Ajay, the first flight is going back to India.”

Singla reassured the Indian community in Israel, urging them to remain calm and adhere to local safety guidelines. He stated, “I would like to reach out to my fellow Indian citizens here and urge them to remain calm and stay safe by following the local safety advisories and I want to tell them that we’re always there with them. We are standing with them.”

The return of Indian nationals under ‘Operation Ajay’ has brought immense relief to families and individuals caught in the conflict. Amid the turmoil, the efforts of the Indian Embassy to assist Indian companies and provide a helpline for citizens in distress have been commendable. The establishment of a 24-hour control room by the Ministry of External Affairs further demonstrates the commitment to monitor the situation and extend necessary aid.

The stories of courage and resilience carried by individuals like Vishesh and Harsh serve as a reminder of the significance of unity and compassion in the face of adversity. As they journey back to India, their experiences stand as testaments to the strength of the human spirit during trying times.

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