New Delhi: After Italy’s highest court ordered a retrial of former top executive defence group Leonardo Finmeccanica ex-CEO Giuseppe Orsi over allegation of bribery in the 2010 contract to provide a dozen helicopters to the government.

NewsX in an exclusive conversation with Advocate Rosemary Patrizi, discussed the verdict by the Italy’s top court


NewsX: What was the outcome of the Italy’s Supreme Court verdict?

Rosemary Patrizi: The court decided to cancel the check on second degree decision and saying that the whole proceedings that to the Milan court is another different section, so the … bench of … changed but the court of appeal unanimously decided the proceedings


NewsX: So, the SC has put a stay on the High Court, that is the second degree Milan court’s, and has now asked the Milan court a different bench to re-conduct the entire trial

Rosemary Patrizi: Yes, exactly, it’s like this…


NewsX: How the judicial process in Rome will take place from now?

Rosemary Patrizi: Everything will be returned to the court of Milan, in another section but same Milan Court.


NewsX: How many days will it take approximately to complete the trial?

Rosemary Patrizi: Will take couple of months maybe as everything will be sent to the court of Milan.


NewsX: Were any Indian characters, say former Air-Force chief or any other official,  bureaucrat from India or any other Indian politician name was discussed or was put in the order of SC?

Rosemary Patrizi: Not yet, we don’t know yet, what’s the court’s demotivation. Yesterday, they gave the decision … nothing … explanation … for now we don’t know the reason that the High Court have to arise to state that decision.


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