“Literature is a textually transmitted disease, normally contracted in childhood.” 

I caught the bug and believe in infecting those around me. Tee hee! So here’s the deal.

We’ll be in Jaipur for one of the world’s biggest literature festivals. There’ll be authors and speakers, kulhad chai and chat, champagne and schmoozing, music and Manmohan Vaidya (yeah, the first whiff of controversy – RSS pracharaks at a lit fest. To be fair, it’s a free country, so why not.) I’m prone to digression and fan-girl moments. Trust you can deal with that. And we’re good to go. It’s not to be missed. Parce que.

It’s a meeting of minds, a melting pot of ideas and cultures, a platform to discuss, dissect and debate the issues of our times, an opportunity to ideate and exchange, a veritable kaleidoscope of literature and life. Pictures, soundbites, interviews, you name it, we’re getting it!

Watch this space!