Cool Breeze: Lohia vs Modi’s Adarsh

Lohia vs Modi’s Adarsh   BJP MPs from Uttar Pradesh are having a tough time implementing the PMs call for developing one Adarsh village in their constituency under the Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana, because most of the state’s development....Read More

India needs pragmatism, not populism

Those searching for explanations of the present banking crisis need to remember that some of the economic toxicity generated by the Manmohan Decade owed its origins to the transformation during the A.B. Vajpayee period of the large banks from lenders....Read More

Insider vs Outsider

The unintended casualty of the clash inside National Institute of Technology (NIT) campus in Srinagar has been Jammu & Kashmir Police. The students were well within their rights to accuse the J&K Police of the use of excessive force but....Read More

Mr Jaitley, enforce mergers to repay debt

If Vijay Mallya furnishes proof of VVIP mischief, he merits leniency. To trap the big fish rather than minnows, India needs a more liberal application of US-style laws that provide for immunity to suspects of a crime, provided they come....Read More

Why the Jat agitation can only be understood when correct questions are asked

How do we categorise Jat agitation? A spontaneous protest or well-conceived and delivered hysterical mass mobilisation?  Did the police collude or did Khattar fail to execute his duty as Chief Minister, thereby paralysing the state bureaucracy?   The fundamental question....Read More

Erdogan seeks war between NATO and Russia

  A second downing of a Russian military aircraft will certainly lead to a matching response from Moscow, something which Erdogan evidently looks forward to.   President R.T. Erdogan clearly believes in gambling. Aware that his own military is puny....Read More

Silence is the biggest blunder

Now the Apex court is seized of the JNU matter, it is time to reflect as to what has been the biggest blunder when it comes to this episode. Was it arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar or disproportionate use of law....Read More

Heart of the Matter

  Why campus after campus are turning into political battlegrounds.   After Hyderabad University, JNU has turned into another battleground for ABVP to burnish its credentials as the true vanguards of ‘nationalism’ and expose all anti-state forces within Indian educational....Read More

India needs a Modi budget, not another ‘babu budget’

  Prime Minister Modi must step in to ensure that the budget that will get presented on 29 February is of a post-colonial mould with lower taxes.   A few feeble efforts were made in the early years of Independence....Read More

Parochialism and bigotry must end

  To draw conclusions from a single incident is not only dangerous, but a totally irrational thing to do. The targeting of a Tanzanian woman by an irate mob following a road accident in Bengaluru, in which a 35-year-old resident....Read More


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