Chief Justice Thakur, protect freedom of speech

  Supreme Court needs to assume the responsibility of ensuring that the people of India enjoy freedoms that are the birthright of those born in a democracy. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India T.S. Thakur is known among....Read More

BJP’s forgotten truth: Perception trumps reality

  It is a wonder that Bollywood has yet to wake up to the star in its midst. The Hyderabad University ABVP student, who initiated a series of complaints which finally claimed the life of Rohith Vemula spoke about a....Read More

PM Modi consolidates his position in BJP

  The RSS does not want there to be two power centres, as that was one of the main reasons for the UPA’s collapse. The expected continuation of Amit Shah as the president of the Bharatiya Janata Party for a....Read More

Herald case handling baffles Congress cadre

  It is evident that advisers believe going to jail might bring Rahul sympathy.   Opinion is majorly divided over the manner in which the Congress high command has handled the National Herald case, despite the fact that so far....Read More

Allow PM Modi to focus on economy

This columnist has claimed for the past three years that Narendra Damodardas Modi suffers less damage from his foes than some of his friends. Easily the worst offender is his own party, the BJP, which needs to avoid burdening Prime....Read More

NET should be Research Eligibility Test

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has been witnessing huge protests by students, mostly belonging to Left parties, who have been demanding a categorical assurance from the government that the Non-National Eligibility Test (NET) fellowship scheme shall not be discontinued and....Read More

Fotedar’s book reignites demand for Priyanka

The debate within the Congress on whether Priyanka Vadra should lead the party in the future has got reignited after the publication of Makhan Lal Fotedar’s political memoirs, The Chinar Leaves where he has written that it was Indira Gandhi’s....Read More

Remove India’s Central Services caste system

Caste by birth was an innovation that had no place in the traditional concept of different types of duties, which was based entirely on aptitude and work rather than on bloodline and family. Although much has been done to free....Read More

PM Modi and CJI Dattu, ensure transparency

The Supreme Court of India has struck down the 99th Constitutional Amendment as well as its corollary on the setting up of a National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC), despite the same being passed by Parliament and a sufficient number of....Read More

Modi, a victim of detractors in NDA

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have consolidated his position as the undisputed leader of the country in the troubled times we all live in, but it seems that certain elements within the Sangh Parivar in particular and the NDA in....Read More


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