Sonia’s flop iftar worries Congress

Sonia Gandhi's iftar party on Monday was meant for sending a strong message in political circles that the Congress would continue to spearhead the "secular" parties in their fight against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies. Instead, the....Read More

From Clinton Lite to Obama Neat

Barack Obama could have made a pile of money after graduating from Harvard, which is popular less for the education than the networking it provides, being an open sesame to a financially secure lifestyle. However, he opted not for a....Read More

In ModiYear 2, expect Minimum Government

It is time for the PM’s call for ‘Minimum Government and Maximum Governance’ to get implemented by each agency of the state. From the start, this columnist has asserted that only by the third ModiYear (beginning mid-2017) will the changes....Read More

Mr Owaisi, please don’t hurt India’s Muslims

Asaduddin Owaisi runs his party, in effect, on a platform of betterment of the Sunni community, and has received substantial support on the basis of this claim, first in Hyderabad and recently in Maharashtra, in towns such as Aurangabad. But....Read More

We need Modivians, not Nehruvians

The world of politics is composed of three groups, (i) idealists (ii) those who mimic idealism to mask the pursuit of self-interest and (iii) realists, who frame policies which reflect the factual situation prevailing at the time, rather than go....Read More

Rahul focuses on strategy for a No NaMo 2019

The Congress vice president’s objective is not to become Prime Minister, but to somehow stop Narendra Modi in the next elections. Sources involved in planning the political strategy of soon-to-be Congress president Rahul Gandhi say that the 45-year-old Congress heir's....Read More

Tomar issue singes Kejriwal and police

Kejriwal seems convinced by Tomar’s assertions even before enquiry results. The controversy surrounding former Delhi Law Minister Jitender Singh Tomar's alleged fake degrees and his subsequent arrest in an arbitrary manner has raised some very serious questions. The foremost is....Read More

Bring Niti Aayog to takeoff stage

In a battle for territory, first the Air Force flies overhead, spotting targets, and weakening the resistance through well-aimed salvos. Then the tanks move in and take control of the territory. Afterwards, infantry units are sent in to hold the....Read More

Modi-Singh meeting sparks off speculation

They interacted regarding certain issues privy to those who hold the august office. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's meeting with his predecessor Dr Manmohan Singh shortly after the two exchanged barbs in public space on Wednesday has triggered off speculation regarding....Read More

Time for Modi 2.01 governance reform

Prime Minister Narendra Modi powered the BJP to its Lok Sabha majority by convincing voters that he would be an entirely different Prime Minister from what Manmohan Singh was. The promise was believed because of his performance in Gujarat, where....Read More