Tuesday, August 16, 2022


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Pravin Mali, a distinguished politician shares his wisdom on Farmers Bill 2020

Pravin Mali states that this bill has been passed to help farmers earn more and live a comfortable life. The bill states that farmers can directly trade with companies, without the Agricultural produce market committee ( APMC ), if the rate is higher outside, however, the option to work with APMC is also available for farmers.

Advocate in making Majid Khan wants to join politics to reform society

Majid Khan is the son of a profound politician, and he has seen the responsibility the politicians carry when they try to make society a better living place. Unlike other renowned families, Majid Khan wants to study law to understand the norms of society.

Tejashwi Yadav carried forward Lalu’s hubris and MGB paid a price

If neither the Congress nor the AIMIM are responsible, why could the Mahagathbandhan not cross the half-way mark despite there being signs of anti-incumbency sentiment and economic distress in the state?

Chirag Paswan attempts what his father could not

Chirag is propagating an updated image of his party. His communication with the potential supporters is on the issue of development, while the older line of caste support stays live.

The Rajya Sabha ruckus shows our troubles with governance

For the past week, Indian democracy has been engulfed in a series of vitriolic attacks from one side to the other, stemming from the debate around the controversial farm bills passed in the Rajya Sabha.

Iran is to thank for peace in the Middle East

Israel and the UAE, have just signed a comprehensive and historic peace deal. While peace in the Middle East is cause for celebration, we must realize, that the foundation upon which this peace is built, is extremely unstable. Iran, a common enemy of both nations, is responsible for this agreement. The myriad grievances between Israel and the UAE have not been resolved. If the threat of Iran dissipates, what peace will be left?

Politicising the dead: Cancel the cancel culture

Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead at his Mumbai apartment on June 14, 2020. Ever since his demise, the talk on nepotism, power play and mental health has taken social media by a storm.

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