Thursday, September 29, 2022


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Opinion | War is coming: What’s our policy?

With China's rising expansionist threat, we, as a liberal, peace-loving democracy, are faced with choices of great importance. Do we allow China to continue down this path, only offering tepid denouncements and vague issuances of toughness, or do we actually do something about it? Do we prepare for military action, or do we repeat the Cold War?

The New Education Policy : Where it gets right

“Teach to Transform, Educate to Empower, Learn to Lead”: #NEP2020 is an inflexion point. Developed through pervasive consultations, it is a sweeping overhaul of an archaic British colonial system, inept for our needs.

Why Population Control law is need of the hour?

India’s population stands at nearly 140 crore and this rapidly growing population is the obstacle to her economic development. It is not possible to reduce the existing size of population but it is possible to slowdown the rate at which population is increasing, writes Vivek Bansal.

Uyghur Muslims need international support to defeat Chinese-regime

The hatred towards the Uyghurs, who are considered to be ethnic Turks, has led to major demographic changes. The Chinese state has been settling the Han population, the dominant ethnic group in the country, in the area in an attempt at hanification of Xinjiang province.

Surat shows the way to fight a pandemic

The residents of this Gujarat city stand for the poor, donate food packets worth Rs 100 crore in the time of coronavirus.

Safoora Zargar demands justice from the system she wants to overthrow

Safoora Zargar who was charged under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) was granted bail on humanitarian grounds, she further demands justice from the system.

A transformed civil society in unprecedented times

The basic need in civil society is to link ground-level small organizations with funded organizations so that the funds are channelized to right beneficiaries

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