Politics is an interesting place if one solves the complications carefully. Over the years, several acts have been passed by different governments to bring reform and expel the social evils. However, the farmers’ bill 2020 has created quite a stir in several communities across India, Pravin Mali, a qualified BJP leader explains the concept of the bill and clears the doubts of people. He states that many have been misled by other political parties as well as by baseless arguments. The importance of the farmers’ bill goes way beyond what the ordinary people of the society sees.

Pravin Mali states that this bill has been passed to help farmers earn more and live a comfortable life. The bill states that farmers can directly trade with companies, without the Agricultural produce market committee ( APMC ), if the rate is higher outside, however, the option to work with APMC is also available for farmers. All options, whether to deal with APMC or not, are open, the farmers can decide for themselves now. Therefore, this gives a chance to farmers to directly deal with large organizations, without the intervention of a middle man, warning more for themselves. According to leader Pravin Mali, it is easy to be misguided by the propaganda that we are seeing around us, innocent farmers are being misled to believe something that is not true, protests are being held to revoke a bill that has been misinterpreted.

As responsible citizens, we must understand the decisions of the government and leader Pravin Mali, urging the youth to go through the Bill before protesting. It is easy to misinterpret an action, however, he asks us to analyze the situation carefully to understand the depth of the decision taken by the government. Pravin Mali has been invested in helping common people and farmers and he mentions that supporting the Farmers Bill is a good way to stand with our fellow farmer brothers.