Our mission is to help you explore India-one road trip at a time: Gaurav Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Savaari Car Rentals

10 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

Gaurav Aggarwal A List

In an exclusive interview with NewsX as part of NewsX India A-List, Co-founder of Savaari Rentals Gaurav Aggarwal talks about his brand, how is it changing the way people travel, and the mission of...

Gaurav Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of Savaari Car Rentals, a company that has services in 2000 cities across the country, recently joined NewsX for a conversation as part of NewsX India A-List, wherein he talked about his start-up journey, the mission of his company, and how the post-Covid times have changed the way of travelling for people.

Talking about the inception of Savaari, he said, “Right from my college days in the US, I used to book rental cars online. On one of my trips to India back in 2015, I was looking to book an online chauffeur or a rental car from Delhi to Dehradun and I couldn’t find a car rental company online that I could trust with quality service and a reasonable rate and ended up asking a friend to help me out with it. After doing a bit of research myself, I realised that this market is largely unorganised. Post this incident, we started out with the idea of Savaari car rentals. The most conservative estimates put Indian Car Rental Market at $15B annually. Though billions of dollars have been spent by two on-demand players in the market during the past 7 years, it is quite surprising that 85% of the market still remains unorganised.”

Speaking about the services provided by Savaari Car Rentals and the growth of the company over the years, Gaurav stated, ”We provide quality chauffeur rides with car rentals close to 2000+ cities across India at super competitive rates. Simultaneously, we offer customisation and assistance through our spirited 24×7 customer support team, thus providing the ideal combination of a technology platform and services-based approach. In these cities, we provide airport transfers, local rentals, and inter-city travels, we provide round-trips around the city where you keep the car and the driver with you and Bombay inter-city drops so that you can travel from one city to another.”

Emphasising how the company is different from others, he expressed, ”Indian consumers are not easy to please. When it comes to services, they want quality service at a cheaper and reasonable cost and that is the reason why the market has remained highly unorganised because there is no pan-India player that you can go to and who you could trust for high quality, reliability and at competitive rates, so this is the gap that we had identified and set out to work towards the same.”

When asked about the growth of the company over the last few years, Gaurav underlined that Savaari Rentals has been one of the few startups that has become profitable. He said, ”We became profitable in the FY19 and our company witnessed solid growth in the year 2020. Although FY21 has been majorly impacted due to the Covid-19 lockdown. We are looking to do around 122 crore profit by the financial year 2022, which will be close to 50% profit plus growth for our FY21, which is quite an impressive growth.”

Mr Gaurav stresses that his brand stands at the core of trust, customer safety and comfortable rides. He further shared some of the unique features offered by the company, including travel kits and language selection option for the drivers. “The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people travel and commute. While the pre-pandemic travel demand was traditionally centred around leisure and business, travel was more need-based during the lockdown. With the vaccination drive starting in different phases across the country, the road ahead looks promising. Domestic travel has resumed, giving people a chance to finally step out of their houses to give themselves a well-deserved break. Travel picture in 2021 looks optimistic and the year is being tagged as the return of the classic road-trips in India,” elaborated Gaurav.

On a concluding note, Gaurav shared his vision of the company and how it is changing trends of travel. ”Post Covid 19, we expect that there would be a lot of regional travelling and there is a new trend called ”Revenge Travel” where people who have been stuck in lockdown or those who had to cancel their trip because of the lockdown, take a trip. Off late there has been a trend of exploring new places and road trips are the best way to explore these places. Our mission is to help you explore India, one road trip at a time,” said Gaurav.