Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Our projects are never based on the perspective of winning elections: Piyush Goyal

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The India News Manch was held today in the National Capital, with the who’s who of Indian politics in presence. The massive conclave managed to bring together India’s most influential political leaders and voices, including Union Cabinet ministers, state cabinet ministers and members of parliament, chief ministers, party presidents, general secretaries, and spokespersons, to witness some of the most compelling panel discussions and exclusive interviews ahead of the election period.

Union Minister, Piyush Goyal joined us for an exclusive interview as part of India News Manch and spoke about the production of semiconductors in India, upcoming state polls and the recent parliament ruckus. Read excerpts.

Talking about his statement about growing Indian exports, the Union Minister said, “Due to PM Modi’s efforts to make system reforms, today India is seen as a reliable and trusted country in the world. There is total transparency in the kind of work we do with other nations. We give what we have promised and do what we said. The figure of 30 lakh crore has been obtained with the help of the whole government system including the state government. “

Piyush Goyal futher discussed if India could be a self-reliant which produces its own semiconductors country by the end of 2022. He said, “The case of semiconductors depicts how the development process in India had been slow owing to poor governance. Semiconductors industries were introduced to India around 38 years ago. But due to lack of planning by the government, these projects could not be implemented. Now, the Indian government has studied the entire ecosystem of semiconductors and I am happy to announce that a comprehensive package of 76 lakh crore has been laid down for the production of semiconductors.”

Speaking about the upcoming state polls, Piyush Goyal revealed that, “Our guiding philosophy by Narendra Modi has always been to serve the people of this nation. Our projects and actions are never based on the perspective of winning elections. People can see that PM Modi has given a boost to development projects in India. We are constantly being blessed by the public and we hope it stays the same in the future. Moving on UP elections, the Samajwadi Party that had been in power 4 years ago has not spoken about development or has taken any stand for the country. The people of UP were utterly distressed by the casteist politics carried on by Samajwadi party in UP and I’m sure the public will not make the same mistake again.”

On a final note, the minister discussed about the ongoing ruckus in the parliament due to suspension of MPs. Piyush exclaimed, “ I am sure that everyone has seen the kind of behavior that was being conducted in the Parliament. I believe it is our obligation to respect the security workers of the Parliament who work so hard to protect us. The way those demolishers treated the lady guards was disgraceful. If they don’t want to apologize then there is nothing we can do.”

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