Thursday, November 30, 2023

Over 2000 people from Myanmar cross into Mizoram amid fresh airstrikes: Champhai Deputy Commissioner

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In the aftermath of a recent airstrike by the Myanmar army along the Indo-Myanmar border, approximately 2000 people from Myanmar have sought shelter in Mizoram, according to officials on Monday. The airstrike has resulted in injuries to several Myanmar nationals who crossed the international border into Mizoram’s Champhai district and have been admitted to hospitals for treatment.

James Lalrinchhan, Deputy Commissioner of Champhai district, confirmed the influx of around 2000 Myanmar nationals into Champhai district in response to the fresh incident. “Several injured Myanmar nationals also entered Champhai district by crossing the international border,” Lalrinchhan reported.

This development unfolds as Myanmar’s military junta faces significant challenges since seizing power in a coup in 2021. In late October, three ethnic minority forces launched a coordinated offensive, capturing towns and military posts. The military-installed president expressed concerns last week, stating that Myanmar was at risk of “breaking apart” due to an ineffective response to the rebellion.

The latest airstrike exacerbates the challenges for the junta, already grappling with mounting armed opposition fueled by public anger over the coup and subsequent crackdown. The situation highlights the junta’s increasing strain as it faces a multi-front conflict and growing resistance.

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