Pak lectures the world on Human Rights; forgets its in-house double standards and atrocities

24 February, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Pakistan asked the international forums, the UNHRC, and the United Nations to give up its double standards on Human Rights, whilst forgetting its own inhouse atrocities.

Pakistan on Tuesday carried out a video statement while attending the 46th Human Rights Council Session wherein it accused the international community of having double standards in the matters of Human Rights. drawing the council’s attention towards Kashmir, Dr. Shireen Mazari, Federal Minister for Human Rights asserted that the region was witnessing ‘a a full-blown human right crisis’.

Ms. Shirren went on with her remarks, highlighting the aggravating situation in Kashmir and the atrocities carried out by India in the region despite having faced certain backlashes on these remarks.

In the meeting, the minister asked High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to continue with the Kashmir reporting process in the exercise of her monitoring and prevention mandate. “Appeasement or inaction are no options. Doing so will only embolden the abuser. Let us not repeat mistakes of the past but rather demonstrate the courage to stand firmly on the right side of the history,” she asserted forgetting that every charges fall back on the nation itself.

The Indian government on several occasions have reverted that there is no role of third party in the matter and sees the Kashmir issue as a bilateral matter between India and Pakistan. the onus of the matter lies with Pakistan to create an environment for engagement.

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