Pak University expels students for ‘hugging’ on campus: Video goes viral

14 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Pakistan University has expelled two students for proposing and hugging on campus after the video of the incident went viral on the internet.

On Thursday, a video of a girl proposing to a boy went viral on the internet. the clip shows a girl bent down on her knees on the ground, holding a rose bouquet, and proposing to a boy. the boy then takes the flower and both of them hug affectionately. The video has been doing rounds on the internet and has now garnered the attention of the university.

The University of Lahore took notice and expelled the two students Shehryar Ahmed and Hadiqa Javed for exchanging flowers and hugging inside the campus premises. University has stated that both the students violated the code of conduct and the activity has been recorded as a ‘serious infraction of the code of conduct’

A Special disciplinary committee of the university held a meeting on Friday and summoned the students to discuss the incident but both of them failed to appear. later, the committee decided to expel both of them and issued a notice declaring that both the students are banned from entering the University of Lahore and all its sub-campuses.

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The university, in pursuance of section 9 of the General Discipline and Code of Conduct on the Campus, expelled the students and as per section 16, debarred them from entering campus.

The internet received a mixed reaction to the expulsion of these students. Bakhatawar Bhutto Zardari, daughter of former PM of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto took to Twitter and said that the action was ‘ridiculous’.

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