Sunday, December 10, 2023

Protest erupts in Pakistan over alleged assault on Hindu woman

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According to local media, minorities in Pakistan demonstrated against an alleged attack on a Hindu lady who was falsely accused of stealing.

On Monday, a sizable crowd gathered outside the Bahawalpur district police station and the deputy commissioner’s office to voice their opposition to the crimes committed against Pakistan’s minorities. A Hindu woman, according to the protesters, was beaten under false pretences of stealing. The victim, a local of Yazman Mandi, was employed as a housemaid. According to local media, a gang of individuals allegedly broke into her home and abused her.

The protesters said that after being transferred to a nearby rural health centre, the doctor refused to treat her and failed to issue a medical certificate.

Some minority leaders spoke at the gathering and called for an impartial probe of the situation. They requested that the doctor and the guilty be punished.

Particularly concerning is Pakistan’s horrible treatment of its minority population, which includes rapes, murders, abductions, and forced conversions. In Pakistan, there have been more instances of violence against women and minorities.

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