Monday, December 11, 2023

Pakistan and China fabricate Indian involvement with terrorists at UN

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China and Pakistan have been presenting fabricated evidence to the United Nations that supposedly connects the terrorist group Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to India. In the midst of this, Pakistan is also pushing for the UN to erase the name of Aamir Ali Chaudhry, participant of a foiled car bombing attempt in Times Square, New York, from the list of known terrorists.

Chaudhry is reported by the UN to be a demolition expert, that is, adept in building and using explosive devices. He is also said to be leading TTP’s project of developing a poison. He is also believed to possess considerable skill in electronics. He is even suspected of having built a remote triggered bomb that was to be triggered in an airplane. Evidence also suggests that he was ready to participate in a suicide mission but eventually did not. The obvious reason for this is that his superiors did not want to lose a member with a skill set such as his.

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Adding to his list of credentials, he is also reported to be something of a logistics expert, believed to be involved in acquiring, transporting and distributing of arms and munitions for members of the TTP. He is also suspected of having supplied the fertiliser used in the bomb used at the 2010 attempted bombing at Times Square.

Pakistan’s efforts at having Chaudhry delisted and some other TTP members delisted as terrorists can only mean that it wants to sue with the Taliban by forgiving terrorists who have killed its own civilians. The files containing proof of India supporting TTP have been called falsified and its contents baseless by India.

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