As Pakistan voted for the new government on Wednesday, July 25, and the results are expected to be announced by tonight and going to be completed by tomorrow afternoon, let us have a look about the Pakistan General Elections 2103. As the country is divided into 4 provinces, which includes, Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan, let us have close look at the winners in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in 2013. Here is the Pakistan General Election’s 2013 complete list of the result with votes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

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Here are the LIVE updates of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assembly winners 2018:

06:17pm(IST)| From Torghar (PK-35), ANP’s Laiq Muhammad Khan has won the elections with 11,636 votes. From Kohistan (PK-25), Independent candidate Muhammad Didar wins the polls with 6,720 votes.

01:49pm(IST)| In the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial, PTI has been maintaining a lead and emerged as a winner in back to back three assemblies. PTI’s Tufail Anjum, Nawabzada farid Salahuddin and Taj Muhammad have won from PK-49, PK-33 and PK-29 respectively.

01:37pm(IST)| From Lakki Marwat (PK-92), PTI’s Hisam Inam Ullah Khan is the winner with 38,475 votes while Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal’s Noor Salim Mallik is the runner-up. 

01:05pm(IST)| PTI leaves behind ANP in Swat – 8 (PL-9) PTI’s Mahmood Khan wins with 25,630 votes and deafest Muhammad Ayub Khan.

01:01pm(IST)| PTI’s Rangez Ahmad ahead of MUTTAHIDA MAJLIS-E-AMAL PAKISTAN’s Sajad Khan Jadoon with 26,331 votes in Swabi -1 (PK-43).

12:42pm(IST)| Sources said that PML(N) candidate Jamshid Khan wins from Mardan -8 (PK-55) with 22,447 votes. He has defeated Adil Nawaz of PTI. 

12:32pm: PTI’s Shehram Khan wins from Swabi-5 (PK-47) with 34,591 votes after defeating ANP’s Ameer Rahman. 

12:10pm(IST)| From DI Khan (PK-96), PPP – P’s Ahmed Kundi has emerged as the winner with 18,377 votes. He has defeated the Independent candidate Sami Ullah, who garnered 16,622 votes. 

11:55am(IST)| As per PTV worled, from Nowshera (PK-62), PTI’s Muhamamd Idrees is a clear winner with 40,377 votes. While ANP’s Khalil Abbas lost the poll with 19,531 votes. 




11:30am(IST)| PTI’s Sayyed Umar Farooq and ANP’s Ameer Haider Azam Khan saw a tough face=off in Mardan (PK-53). However, with 29,166 votes ANP emerged as the winner. 

11:25am(IST)| From Upper Dir (PK-11), Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians’ Sahib Zada Sana Ullah
has emerged as winner with 22,191 votes. Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal Pakisatn’s Azam Khan is the runner-up with 17,544 votes. 

11:16am(IST)| From PK-44, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s candidate Asad Qaiser emerged as a winner from Swabi (PK-44), while Awami National Party’s Gul Zamin Shah is on the second palce with 20.801 votes from PK-44. 

10:55am(IST)| According to PTV World, PAKISTAN TEHREEK-E-INSAF’s candidate Liaqat Ali Khan has won with 22,864 votes from Lower Dir (PK-17). While Muttahida Majlis-e-Ajmal Pakistan’s Saeed Gull with 18,378 votes is the runner-up from the PK-17. 

10:30am(IST)| PTI candidate Pervez Khattak has won from PK-61 Nowshera with 20, 467 votes. He was followed by ANP’s Pervez Ahmed Khan with 16,054 votes. 

09:00am(IST)| Candidate Pir Fida Muhammad of PTI won from Peshawar (PK-74), with 19,349 votes. 

08:30am(IST)| PTI’s Muhammad Ali won from Swabi ( PK-46) by 27,153 votes. 

08:00am(IST)|Imran Khan’s party has been spreading the magic all around as Kamran Khan Bangash won the Peshawar (PK-77) seat with 30,417 votes. 

07:30am(IST)| PTI candidate Riaz Khan secured the Buner (PK-20) seat with 15,947 votes. Followed by independent candidate Bhakt Jehan Khan on second place with 12,819 votes.

07:00am(IST)| Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf candidate Khalleq Ur Rehman has won Nowshera (PK-65) seat with 36,877 votes.

Peshawar District MPA Seats Result

PK1-Zia Ullah Afridi-PTI
PK2-Shuakat Ali Yousaf Zai-PTI
PK3-Javed Nasim-PTI
PK4-Arif Yousuf-PTI
PK5-Yaseen Khan Khalil-PTI
PK6-Fazal Elahi-PTI
PK7-Mehmood Jan-PTI
PK8-Arbab Akber Hayat-PML-N
PK9-Arbab Jehandad Khan-PTI
PK10-Shah Farman-PTI
PK11-Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq-PTI

Nowshera District MPA Seats Result
PK12-Khaliq Ur Rehman-PTI
PK13-Pervaiz Khattak-PTI
PK15-Muhammad Idrees-PTI
PK16-Qurban Ali Khan-PTI

Charsadda District MPA Seats Result
PK17-Fazal Shakkor Khan-JUI-F
PK18-Sultan Muhammad Khan-QWP
PK19-Arshad Ali-QWP
PK20-Khalid Khan-QWP
PK21-Sikandar Hayat Khan-QWP
PK22-Muhammad Arif-PTI

Mardan District MPA Seats Result
PK23-Amir Haidar Khan-ANP
PK24-Muhammad Zahid Durrani-PTI
PK25-Ubaid Ullah Mayar-PTI
PK26-Iftikhar Ali Mushwani-PTI
PK27-Imran Khan-Independent
PK28-Gohar Ali Shah-ANP
PK29-Tufail Anjum-PTI
PK30-Muhammmad Atif-PTI

Swabi District MPA Seats Result
PK31-Babar Khan-AJIP
PK32-Shah Ram Khan-AJIP
PK33-Muhammad Ali Tarkai-AJIP
PK34-Abdul Karim-QWP
PK35-Asad Qaisar-PTI
PK36-Muhammad Sheeraz-PML-N

Kohat District MPA Seats Result
PK37-Amjad Khan Afridi-Independent
PK38-Zia Ullah Khan Bangash-PTI
PK39-Imtiaz Shahid-PTI

Karak District MPA Seats Result
PK40-Gul Sahib Khan-PTI
PK41-Malik Qasim Khan Khattak-Independent

Hangu District MPA Seats Result
PK42-Fareed Khan-Independent
PK43-Mufti Said Janan-JUI-F

Abbottabad District MPA Seats Result
PK44-Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani-Independent
PK45-Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan-PML-N
PK46-Haji Qalandar Khan Lodhi-Independent
PK47-Sardar Aurangzeb-PML-N
PK48-Sardar Muhammad Idress-PTI

Haripur District MPA Seats Result
PK49-Raja Faisal Zaman-PML-N
PK50-Yousaf Ayub Khan-PTI
PK51-Gohar Nawaz Khan-Independent
PK52-Faisal Zaman-PTI

Mansehra District MPA Seats Result
PK53-Sardar Zahoor Ahmad-Independent
PK54-Mian Zia Ur Rehman-PML-N
PK55-Saleh Muhammad-PML-N
PK56-Wajeh Uz Zaman Khan-PML-N
PK57-Al Hajj Ibrar Hussain-QWP

Torghar District MPA Seats Result
PK58-Zareen Gul-JUI-F

Batagram District MPA Seats Result
PK59-Nawab Zada Wali Muhammad Khan-PML-N
PK60-Shah Hussain Khan-JUI-F

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Kohisttan District MPA Seats Result
PK61-Abdul Haq Khan-Independent
PK62-Muhammad Usmatullah-JUI-F
PK63-Abdul Sattar Khan-PML-N

Dera Ismail Khan District MPA Seats Result
PK64-Ali Amin Khan-PTI
PK65-Sami Ullah-Independent
PK66-Maulana Lutf Ur Rehman-JUI-F
PK67-Israr Ullah Khan-Independent
PK68-Javed Akbar Khan-Independent

Tank District MPA Seats Result
PK69-Mahmood Ahmad Khan-JUI-F

Bannu District MPA Seats Result
PK70-Akram Khan Durrani-JUI-F
PK71-Fakher Azam Wazir-PPP-P
Pk72-Shah Muhammad Khan-Independent
PK73-Malik Riaz Khan-JUI-F

Lakki Marwat District MPA Seats Result
PK74-Anwar Hayat Khan-JUI-F
PK75-Noor Saleem Malik-JUI-F
PK76-Munawar Khan Advocate-JUI-F

Swat District MPA Seats Result
PK80-Fazal Hakim-PTI
PK81-Azizullah Khan-JI
PK82-Amjad Ali-PTI
PK83-Muhibullah Khan-PTI
PK84-Mahmood Khan-PTI
Pk85-Jafar Shah-ANP

Shangla District MPA Seats Result
PK87-Muhammad Rashad Khan-PML-N
PK88-Abdul Munim-Independent

Chitral District MPA Seats Result
PK89-Saleem Khan-PPP-P
Pk90-Sardar Hussain-PPP-P

Upper Dir District MPA Seats Result
PK91-Inayat Ullah-JI
PK92-Muhammad Ali-JI
PK93-Behram Khan-JI

Lower Dir MPA Seats Result
PK94-Muzafar Said-JI
PK95-Siraj Ul Haq-JI
PK96-Saeed Gul-JI
PK97-Bakht Baidar-QWP

Malakand MPA Seats Result
PK98-Syed Muhammad Ali Shah-PPP-P
PK99-Shakeel Ahmad-PTI

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