While all the opinion polls of Pakistan general elections 2018 predicted Imran Khan’s PTI getting the biggest share of votes in the elections that are taking place on July 25, the former cricketer is perceived as a threat to the future of not only Pakistan but its neighbour India also. However, this fact seemed to have been sidelined as the 65-years-old Imran Khan-posed an image of an incorruptible politician. Also, with Nawaz Sharif in jail over corruption and money laundering charges and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) patriarch Asif Ali Zardari imprisoned on corruption charges, the way to the throne for Imran Khan is all clear.

Imran Khan, who is seen as the front-runner in Pakistan general elections 2018, had finished a close third in 2013. It was the time when Khan was perceived as the “new hope” for Pakistan. Even though Imran Khan enjoyed a massive support of people, he failed to translate it into votes.

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After failing to gain power in previous elections, Imran Khan changed his view at things and gained the support of the Pakistan Military that surely helped him to translate his popularity into votes this time.

Talking to Financial Express, a professor of international relations Huma Baqai compared Imran Khan to a hope in the midst of “hopelessness”. If one Googles about Imran Khan, people may find several articles about his marriages but it’s extremely hard of one to find corruption charges against the leader, which has helped him in getting a clean image in the eyes of the people.

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Even with a clean image and almost all the key competitors in jail, Imran Khan is still seen as the worst choice for Pakistan because of a number of reasons.

One is that he has been in politics for a long time but had failed to garner a majority to form the government everytime. Apart from this, he is also perceived as a man with a single agenda, fight against corruption. Many also term Imran Khan as a politician who has failed to deliver all his promises. 

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Commenting on the sudden rise of PTI, an Islamabad-based writer and social activist told Deutsche Welle, that Pakistan will still remain the same as PTI considers itself above the law. After coming to power, Imran Khan also promises to pull Pakistan out from the economical debt and other problems like rising oil prices, power shortages, infant mortality rate and low human development. Even though the leader has been mocked by several over his promises, PTI itself appears to be lost on policies for the nation.