Following all the chaos and clashes, Pakistan general elections 2018 have grabbed the attention of the whole world. While the official results are still to be announced by the Elections Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the early trends have predicted the victory of PTI leader Imran Khan in 2018 election results. Imran Khan’s unexpected popularity that is inching him near to the power has left a lot of people amazed. Recently, as the counting of votes is said to be underway, famous Indian commenter Harsha Bhogle took to his Twitter handle and said that he was amazed to see Imran Khan’s popularity among the voters. Harsha Bhogle said that he had admired Imran Khan as the cricketer and also as the captain of Pakistan.

Talking about Imran Khan’s early victory, Harsha Bhogle added that it would be interesting to see how he leads the nation after he comes to power. The following remark by the cricket commentator, Harsha Bhogle, comes after the unofficial sources had claimed PTI to be the party with the majority of votes.

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Earlier, several PMLN supporters staged a protest outside Pakistan Military General Headquarters and claimed that elections 2018 were rigged by the ISI and the Pakistan military.

Later, several PMLN leaders accused Imran Khan of joining hands with the military to win the elections.

Imran Khan’s first wife Jemima Goldsmith predicts his victory, calls him Pakistan’s next PM

On the morning of the results day, Imran Khan’s first wife Jemima Goldsmith also wished the father of his sons for inching closer to victory. Taking to her Twitter handle, she said that she was happy to see that after struggling for 22 years, Imran Khan is finally getting what he worked for.

The PTI leader who was being criticized for being anti-India later got the support of the former president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf who said that Khan is an honest man and it would wrong to assume that he is against India.

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