Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf is now considered the most popular party ahead of the general elections on July 25, as per Pakistan’s media reports. Imran is putting all efforts to convince the voters to elect him and his party to the National Assembly. In his mid-60s Khan is reportedly holding more than one rally on a daily basis, this picture, however, is reminiscent of 2013 general elections when Imran was considered to win the election but was rejected by the voters in the largest populated province Punjab, as well as Sindh and Balochistan.

It was only Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where Khan’s PTI was in the position to form a government, which it eventually did with religious party Jamaat-e-Islami.

Back in the run-up to the 2013 elections, Khan had promised job creation for the jobless in Pakhtunkhwa and now again he is heard making the same promise. However, as per the reports coming from Pakhtunkhwa, people don’t seem to be buying it.

Imran’s party have not been able to create the welfare state, as promised by Khan, according to a report in Dawn. Many other promises made during the campaigning have also been unfulfilled. Khan had promised to award 33 percent party tickets to the youth and thus bring new faces to the parliament.

But, as per a report in Dawn, Khan has violated his promises and awarded tickets to electable, dynastic figure.

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