With unofficial results still trickling in, PTI chief Imran Khan seems to be enjoying the mandate of the people as the trends termed him the winner of Pakistan general elections 2018. While addressing media over his victory, Imran Khan thanked the people of Pakistan for coming out of their homes and voting for him. Imran Khan who is soon expected to the Prime Minister of Pakistan also thanked the Pak Military for their support in making sure that the elections 2018 were conducted peacefully. Talking to media about his future plans after he comes to power, PTI chief Imran Khan said that he will be working to eradicate poverty in Pakistan and added that he would be working to strengthen the democracy.

While hailing the efforts of China in Pakistan, Imran Khan added that he has witnessed the government collapsing. He also thanked the people of Balochistan for casting their ballots. He added that he wants entire Pakistan to be united.  During his address, Imran Khan was seen following Indian’s business model and claimed that his priority would be to ‘ease the process of doing business’ in the country.

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Breaking the stereotypes, Imran Khan said that he won’t be shifting to the Pakistan Prime Minister’s house but instead will stay at a much smaller house. He also announced that Governor House will be turned into a hotel. He also said that India and Pakistan must resolve their issues via dialogue. 

Hailing China’s contribution to Pakistan’s development, Imran Khan said that they will be following China’s model of development to remove poverty. While talking about Kashmir issue, Imran Khan said that the people of Kashmir have suffered a lot in past 30 years and he would be working to end their problems. 

Talking about India, Imran Khan said that he is one of the most known people in India because of his days in cricket. he added that the biggest problem is Kashmir as every International organisation has claimed that the violation of human rights is taking place in the Valley.

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Discussing the issues between India and Pakistan, Imran Kha said that he wanted to improve the relations between the two countries. He said that if India will take one step, Pakistan will take two but there has to be a start.

He later promised the people to bring in policies that will be for the masses and not for the elite.

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