With just four days left before Pakistan goes to voting, no political party is leaving anything to chance to come into power. However, a leading Pakistani Politician, who is said to be one of the key players of these elections, Imran Khan, is reportedly banking of the weak track records of his opponents. Talking to BBC, Imran Khan confidently stated that if he looks at the track records of his opponents when they were in power, they will surely lose. During the interview, Khan further dismissed the speculations surrounding the fairness of elections.   

Commenting on his competition, Imran Khan said that the status quo parties are claiming that the upcoming Pakistan Election 2018 won’t be fair because they were scared of the rising popularity and the support for PTI.

Imran Khan’s comment came in the backdrop of allegations which were levelled by the party workers of PML-N and human rights activists. The party workers claimed that Pakistan’s military was manipulating the results to ensure that Imran Khan’s PTI wins the elections. 

Refuting the allegations levelled by PML-N, Imran Khan said that the sole mission of PTI is to see Pakistan’s rise again.

Pakistan Elections 2018 is basically being perceived as a massive battle between PTI and the PML-N. However, with former PM Nawaz Sharif and his daughter sent to a prison over corruption and money laundering charges, the chances of Khan’s PTI winning the polls seems on a rise.

After Sharif was sentenced for 10 years, former cricketer Imran Khan had announced a fight against the corruption as his main policy for the upcoming elections.

Slamming Sharif over corruption charges, Khan said that it is because of this that the country doesn’t have the money for development.

While Sharif has been sentenced for 10 years in prison, some say that the following judgment came in after he had locked horn with the military over security as well as foreign policies at the time when he was the Prime Minister of the country.

Earlier, while addressing a gathering of over 8,000 people, 65-year-old Imran Khan said that the opportunity to change Pakistan has now arrived. He further added that the people will not be getting this opportunity again and again.  

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