Pakistan General Elections 2018 Results LIVE updates: The official numbers and the early trends have predicted PTI leader Iran Khan’s victory but the official results are yet to be announced by the Election commision of Pakistan (ECP). All the opinion polls had earlier predicted Imran Khan’s victory in the 2018 elections. Imran Khan who is currently enjoying the love and wishes has also been accused of joining hands with the military and the ISI to rig the polls. However, that doesn’t seem to be hampering his celebrations. The preparations are complete, the stage is set and now entire Pakistan will brace itself for polling results. The electoral battle for 272 National Assembly seats and 577 general seats of the 4 provincial assemblies will commence at 8 am local time on July 25, Wednesday, and will continue till 6 pm. This will be the first time in the history of Pakistan elections that the polling time has been extended to 10 hours. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has assured the people of the country that they will try to hold free, fair and unbiased elections. Consequently, there is a mood of buoyancy among the citizens and a large voter turnout is expected.

There are as many as 12,570 candidates in the fray but the elections are being touted as a two-horse race between last election victors Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PMLN) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

PMLN’s popularity has taken a hit in the recent months due to various corruptions charges that the party leader and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was found guilty of it. However, despite the waning public sentiment towards the party, Nawaz’s brother Shahbaz Sharif has all the mettle to get a strong mandate in the elections.

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On the other hand, PTI leader and former cricketer Imran Khan has witnessed a meteoric rise on the popularity charts and is being seen as the prime candidate to win the fray. Even in many pre-poll surveys, he was voted the favourite to take over the Prime Minister chair after the 2018 Pakistan elections.

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Here are the LIVE updates of Pakistan General Elections 2018:

6:30pm(IST)| Reports suggest that counting of 49% votes is done and 51% is still underway. The delay is reportedly caused due to a technical glicth at polling stations.

6:14pm(IST)| While addressing media over his victory in Pakistan elections 2018, Imran Khan said that the problmes between India and Paksitan must be solved via dialogue. 

6:10pm(IST)| Addressing the media, Imran said that he was saddened by the way Indian Media projected him and also asserted that India, Pakistan must sit together and solve Kashmir issue. 

5:14pm(IST)| After the mandate turned into his favour, PTI chief Imran Khan said that he would soon be interacting with the people of Pakistan. As the results are still trickling in, PTI is said to be leading in over 110 seats.

4:30pm(IST)| PMLN leader Rana Sanaullah has alleged that the votes were burnt in his constituency PP-113. While addressing a press conference, he said that he saw the trends and the polling agents were stopped inside the polling booths. He further claimed that actual votes were burnt and later some stamped new votes to balance out the result.

4:14pm(IST)| As the official results are yet to be announced, GEO.TV has put out the unofficial results, here is a grab of the Pakistan Elections results. 

4:00pm(IST)|While talking to Indian media, former president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf said that its wrong to percieve that PTI leader is against India.

3:40pm(IST)| Apart from succeeding in turning popularity into votes, Imran Khan has also become the only politician who contested from five seats in Pakistan general elections 2018 and won all five of them.

3:15pm(IST)| Imran Khan’s PTI on top as unofficial election results start to pour in. The party has begun celebrations across the country.

2:48pm(IST)| As per current numbers, PTI is at 115, PMLN at 64, PPP at 38 and others at 55. 

2:00pm(IST)| Early trends are suggesting that PTI will be emerging winner in the Pakistan general elections 2018.

1:30pm(IST)| While talking to News18, PTI leader Imran Khan’s cousin claimed that the allegations of results being rigged are baseless. He further expressed confidence in PTI leader emerging as the new leader of Pakistan. 

12:50pm(IST)| PTI chief Imran Khan’s ex-wife congratulated him through a Tweet.

12:40pm(IST)| PTI chief Imran Khan is leading with 24,317 votes in Bannu, followed by MMA’s Akram Khan Durrani with 22,514.

12:30pm(IST)|  Former PM Yusuf Raza Gilani losses to Imran Khan’s candidate in Multan.

12:10pm(IST)| PMLN’s Rana Tanveer Hussain won from NA-120 Sheikhupura II with 99,674 votes, say reports.

12:00pm(IST)| PMLN candidate Ahsan Iqbal won NA-78 Narowal II seat with the mandate of 126,385 votes.


11:45am(IST)| PTI chief Imran Khan shared the picture of celebration in Karachi.  

11:40am(IST)| PTI chief Imran took Twitter to thank the polling agents. In a tweet, Imran Khan said, We respect you (Polling agents) and salute you.”

11:30am(IST)| PTI candidate Shafqat Mahmood won with support of 127,405 votes and PMLN candidates Khawaja Ahmad Hasan bagged the second place with 104,625 votes.

Shafqat Mahmood (127,405) Runner-up PML-N: Khawaja Ahmad Hasan (104,625)

11:00am(IST)| PPP candidate Jam Abdul Karim Bijar won NA-236 Malir-1 seat by 66, 623 votes.

10:30am(IST)| As per the Geo news trends, Imran Khan’s PTI’s is leading with 114 seats, followed by PMLN- 63 and PPP with 42 National Assembly seats.

10:00am(IST)| According to the Dawn, PTI candidate Gul Dad Khan has won the NA-40 tribal area-I seat with 34,616 votes. 

09:45am(IST)| Shehbaz Khan’s PMLN candidate Mohammad Khan Daha won Khanewal 2 seat with 111,198 votes. 

09:30am(IST)| PTI’s Mehboob Shah won NA-6 Lower Dir 1 with 54,723 votes. Followed by MMA’s Maulana Asadullah at second place with 31,404 votes.  

09:10am(IST)| PML-N candidate Rana Tanvir Hussain won NA-120 Sheikhupura 2 seat with support of 99,674 votes.

09:00am(IST)| Malik Karamat Ali won NA-135 (Lahore-XIII) seat for PTI with 54,765 votes.

08:45am(IST)| Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal candidate Moulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali won NA-1 (Chitral) seat with 26,133 votes.

08:30am(IST)| PTI’s Asad Umar won the NA-54 (Islamabad-III) seat with 56,945 votes, say reports. While PMLN candidate Anjum Aqeel was declared as the runner-up with 32,991 votes.

08:00am(IST)| Imran Khan’s candidate Umer Ayub Khan clinched his NA-17 Haripur seat after he attained 166,786 votes.

07:45am(IST)| According to the leading daily the Dawn, Independent candidate Syed Fakhar Imam won by 82,595 votes in NA-150 Khanewal-1. 

07:30am(IST)| PTI candidate Rahat Amanullah won NA-119 Sheikhupura-1 polls with the support of 126,025 votes, say reports.

07:10am(IST)| PMLN’s Hamza Shehbaz won election in Lahore-2 NA-124 with 139,443 votes: Reports.

07:00am(IST)| PPP’s Zulfiqar Bachani won from NA-224 after securing 80,230 votes. 

06:30am(IST)| PTI’s Khurram Shehzad Nawaz won election in NA-52 Islamabad-1 by bagging 64,690 votes.

06:02am(IST)| As per reports, 42% results are out and Imran Khan’s PTI is leading with 112 seats, while Shebaz Sharif’s PMLN has bagged 65 seats.  

04:02am(IST)| While the counting of votes in Pakistan General Elections 2018 continues, according to local media in Pakistan, Imran Khan’s party which took an early in the evening is still ahead, leaving behind PML(N) and PPP. Imran’s party is currently leading at 110 while PML(N) is leading at 67 and 38. 
03:00am(IST)| Counting of votes has been delayed due to some technical glitch. Presiding officers have been asked to meet to their returning officers along with army officers who were at duty on their respective booths.

00:40am(IST)| The counting of Pakistan elections 2018 is underway and just like what opinion polls suggested, Imran Khan’s PTI is emerging as a winner.

23:10pm(IST)| The counting for Pakistan general elections 2018 is underway and the counting will be taking place till 2pm, July 26. As per early numbers, Imran Khan’s PTI is said to be leading with 96.

22:00pm(IST)| According to what eary numbers say, Imran Khan’s PTI is said to be leading in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Islamabad and Peshawar.

21:36pm(IST)|PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari leads in NA-213 Sujawal, while GDA candidate Sardar Sher Rind follows him with 1,043 votes. 

21:20pm(IST)| PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto leads in Karachi. he is being followed by a PTI candidate.

21:08pm(IST)| On the other side PTI’s key rival, PMLN is said to be leading in Punjab and Gujranwala.

20:48pm(IST)| Early numbers suggest that PTI is leading in Peshawar, Mainwali, Islamabad. 

20:28pm(IST)| As per early numbers, PTI is leading in 51 national Assembly constituencies. While PMLN is at 41 and PPP is at 24.

20:18pm(IST)| PTI leader Imran Khan’s vote may get cancelled for violating cote of conduct. PTI’s Ghulam Sarwar leads in NA-59 Rawalpindi.

20:10pm(IST)| PTI’s Muhammad Shafiq leads in NA-161 Lodhran-2.

20:01pm(IST)PMLN’s Qazi Asad Khan gets 64 votes in PK-40 (Haripur I). Meanwhile, PTI’s Akbar Ayub Khan leading with 111 votes.

19:58pm(IST)|PML-N’s Amir Muqam leads in NA-29: Unofficial results.

19:44pm(IST)|  The counting of votes has begun and the results from unconfirmed and unofficial sources have started to pour in. As per recent sources, PTI’s candidate Nadia Aziz is leading from NA-90.

16:07pm(IST)|  Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa caste his vote in Rawalpindi on Wednesday. The army chief urged the people of the nation to  “come out and vote undeterred” in a bid to defeat enemy forces working against Pakistan. 

15:55pm(IST)| After a series of clashes and attacks between the political groups, a PML-N candidate was slapped by the PTI candidate in Lahore. According to a report in the, the candidates who were involved in the clash were both contesting from the same constituency. The polling has been suspended at the polling station and over six people are in the police custody. 

14:50pm(IST)| After Mumbai 26/11 attack mastermind Hafeez Saeed cast his vote, Union Minister Hansraj Ahir said Pakistan’s democracy is in danger.  

14:30pm(IST)| Pakistan cricket team captain Sarfraz Ahmed casts his vote in Karachi and appeals to the people to come out and vote. 

14:20pm(IST)| Jamaat-i-Islami chief Sirajul Haq casts his vote at Samar Bagh in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa constituency.

14:10pm(IST)| To help and facilitate senior citizen, physically challenged and pregnant women, the Election Commission of Pakistan has directed returning officers that these people should not be made stand in the queues.  

13:50pm(IST)| PPP chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari shared a picture, showing thumb ink, after casting his vote. In a tweet, Bilawal wrote, every vote counts.”#Democracy is the best revenge.”  

13:40pm(IST)| Voters in Lahore alleged that Army is not allowing them to enter polling booths.

13:20pm(IST)| ECP may cancel Imran Khan’s NA-53 vote as he violated the polling rules, say reports.

13:10pm(IST)| Voting resumes in Quetta Tameer-e-Nau Model School polling station, which was hit by a deadly suicide blast.

12:50pm(IST)| PMLN chief Shehbaz Sharif also condemned the attack saying ‘Heartbroken to learn of martyrdom of innocent people.’

12:45pm(IST)| PTI chief Imran Khan condemned the terrorist attack in Pakistan’s Quetta. In a Tweet, Imran Khan said that Pakistan must defeat the terrorists’ by casting their vote.  

12:40pm(IST)| Polling temporarily suspended in Lahore’s NA-123 constituency after a clash between PTI and PMLN workers.

12:40pm(IST)| Pakistani Model Mawra Hocane shared her picture after casting vote, hopes for a ‘Naya Pakistan.’ 

12:30pm(IST)| PTI chief Imran Khan casts his vote at NA-53.

12:30pm(IST)| Quetta blast death toll climbs to 25, several injured, say reports.  

12:25pm(IST)| Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar casts his vote in NA-130 constituency.

12:15pm(IST)|  As per the reports, in the suspected suicide attack near Quetta’s Eastern Bypass, 22 people lost their lives and more than 30 wounded are admitted to the hospital. 

12:00pm(IST)| The death toll raised to 18 and several were injured in the blast in Pakistan’s Quetta.

11:50am(IST)| 7 dead, more than 15 injured in a blast at Pakistan’s Quetta, NA-260 constituency. 

11:45am(IST)| Mumbai 26/11 attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed casts his vote in Lahore.

11:30am(IST)| An explosion reported in Pakistan’s Quetta, in which more than 15 people got injured.

11:00am(IST)| As per reports, clashes between political parties erupted in several areas including- Rajanpur, Swabi, Karachi during the elections. 

10:45am(IST)| During polling, a clash erupted between PTI and ANP workers in PK- 57 constituency of Swabi in Pakistan. According to reports, 1 PTI worker died and 2 were injured. 

10:35am(IST)| Talking to the media persons, ECP said that complaints of the ongoing clashes will be resolved soon. 

10:20am(IST)| Pakistan Police has arrested an unidentified man, who was trying to enter the polling station in Karachi forcefully.

10:00am(IST)| The PPP chief Bilawal Bhutto’s sisters Bakhtawar and Aseefa exercised their votes in Sindh.

09:45am(IST)|  According to Pakistan’s leading daily the Dawn, polling officers were not allowed to enter the polling station no. NA-247 in Karachi. The Jamaat-i-Islami has complained about the same to the ECP.

09:30am(IST)| Polling delayed at the station no. 173 in NA-59 constituency and Surjani polling station no. 69 in NA-252. Voters wait to cast their vote in long queues.

09:15am(IST)| JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman and PTI leader Asad Umar cast their votes.  

09:00am(IST)| Due to unavailability of ink voting was delayed in Pakistan’s Jacobabad, as the Dawn reported. Sources have also pointed that voting got delayed at several booths including Lahore’s NA-128.  

08:45am(IST)| As the polling started for the general elections, PMLN President Shahbaz Sharif arrived at the polling station to cast his vote.

08:30am(IST)| Voting begins across Pakistan. As per reports, 449,465 police and 370,000 military personnel are deployed by the authorities for Pakistan General Elections 2018. 

07:20am(IST)| Former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar appealed to the voters of Pakistan to exercise their vote and elect the right person, who would form the government.  

07:00am(IST)| The people of Pakistan will today decide the fate of 12,570 candidates. Voting for Pakistan Assembly Elections 2018 will begin at 8:30am IST.  

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