As polls have opened in Pakistan for the country’s general elections, a poll conducted by Gallup Pakistan forecasts that the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief is likely to emerge as the largest party on the national level, whereas on the other hand, Nawaz Sharif’s PMLN will have a neck-to-neck battle with the PTI. The poll is based on the data from 5 separate polls which were conducted out ahead of July 25 general elections. The major showdown between the 2 rival parties will be seen in Punjab, which has 141 of the 272 national parliamentary seats.

According to a report published by the, as per the average poll findings which were conducted by 5 different polling organisations and publishers: Gallup Pakistan, Institute for Public Opinion Research among others, there is a close neck-to-neck battle between showdown between PMLN and PTI with many indecisive voters. It further says PTI is expected to emerge as the largest party on the federal level, following closely by the PMLN in terms of the vote.

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The incumbent PMLN is expected to lose to PTI in Punjab, the country’s largest province, as many PMLN candidates joined PTI just ahead of polls, or are running as independent candidates, as reported by

Reports suggest there lies a close relationship between Imran Khan and the country’s powerful military, it also suggests that it supports and is persuading people to vote for Balochistan National Party in Balochistan.

In other words, it has been alleged that the Army is meddling in the poll process. However, the Army has denied to these allegations and has described its mission as to safeguard Pakistan’s ideological missions.

Events of recent pasts, including the conviction of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, a crackdown on media, sentencing top PMLN leader to life imprisonment on drug smuggling just 4 days before elections, depict wavering efforts by the military to mar PMLN’s possibility to win the electoral battle as reported by

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