Palan Dilshad Mustafa Barzani is the saviour of many orphaned children in Kurdistan

18 November, 2020 | newsx bureau

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A saviour of many orphaned children in Kurdistan, Palan Dilshad Mustafa Barzani Palan started the Harman orphanage to help children whose parents were affected by war so that don’t suffer anymore.

Everyone once in a while, you come across people that inspire you by their deeds and their dedication towards whatever it is that motivates them to get up every morning. One such individual is Palan Dilshad Mustafa Barzani, a native of Kurdistan who owns and runs the Harman Orphanage in Erbil.
A native or Erbil, Kurdistan, Palan was born and raised in Germany where he spent the first 18 years of his life. He eventually moved back home and started devoting his life to help bring up orphaned children.
Palan started the Harman orphanage to help children whose parents were affected by war to ensure that the children don’t suffer anymore provide a safe haven for them.
Palan’s selfless deeds have served as an inspiration to people who are now approaching him to lend their helping hands in making the orphanage a better and more equipped place for the children.
He shares, “There are people helping me out with the orphanage because like me, even they want children to have a new life which is not affected by war. I decided to create a safe place for the children that are affected due to the war.”
Palan goes the extra mile and he not only takes care of the orphaned children but is trying his best to provide them with a proper education so they can grow up and lead a normal, purposeful life in society. He knows that there can be nothing worse than a child losing his/her parents but it’s not something he can control so he is doing the best he can in order to create a safer place for all the children who are orphaned at an early age.
The world needs more people like this selfless and humble caretaker of children and in time Palan will continue to inspire many others.