Friday, December 1, 2023

Pannu & Co orchestrated PM’s security breach: Why was it still not averted?

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In a major breach of PM’s security, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday was stuck on Moga-Ferozepur highway for almost 20 minutes. As the politics over the matter intensifies, we should not ignore the fact that something like this was being planned was plain public knowledge, yet it was not averted. 

In the backdrop of this, Sikhs For Justice’s Gurpatwant Singh Pannu released a video stating that Khalistanis are ready to secede Punjab from India. He goes ahead to say, “The Free Khalistan Referendum movement began on January 5 when ‘Tirange wale (Indians) fled from Punjab to Delhi while ‘Khande and Kesri wale (Sikhs) forced India’s PM Narendra Modi to flee Punjab.”

This points out to the fact that the disruption was not merely an accident. Looking at the series of events, Moga-Ferozepur highway near Piarenana village was clear till 11 AM on Wednesday. 50 farmers led by BKU leader Surjeet Singh Phool arrived and blocked the road. The BKU leader took the help of local villagers to block the road. Meanwhile, the Punjab police chose not to exercise force to remove the protestors. 

PM’s cavalcade was stuck on top of a flyover in plain sight around 1:30 PM for 20 minutes, 30 kilometres from the India-Pakistan border. The protestors came as close to 150 m from PM’s vehicle. SPG got its vehicles to park themselves strategically to surround PM’s car. It is also noteworthy that the area is always on high alert due to detection of drones and tiffin bombs in the past. Thus, the 100 Km Moga-Ferozepur highway was approved as a ‘contingency route’ in case PM was not able to fly from Bathinda to Ferozepur. 

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