Paras Chhabra’s spokesperson accuses his stylists of using cheap tactics, says he is not liable to pay anything

18 March, 2020 | newsx bureau

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The spokesperson of Paras Chhabra has now issued a statement where he revealed that the collaboration was based out of the Barter deal so Paras Chhabra is not liable to pay anything. Read the compl...

After his breakup with Akanksha Puri and starting his own show, Bigg Boss 13 fame Paras Chhabra has landed himself in another controversy. Reportedly, his stylists and designers have accused Paras Chhabra of not paying money for their clothes and shoes which he wore inside the house of Bigg Boss. While an interview, one of the designers came up and revealed that it is highly unprofessional as every time they ask Paras for their payment, he says he has not got his prize money due to GST issues and will soon pay them.
Recently, Paras Chhabra’s spokesperson has responded to all these allegations and has issued an official statement saying that Paras Chhabra is not liable to pay any money to his designers. He further added that all these are cheap publicity tactics to gain attention. He added saying that after two months if they have come up with something like this, it is simply disgusting.
He further clarified that this collaboration was based on a barter deal so he is not liable to make any such payments. Earlier, Paras Chhabra revealed that he had two designers one from Mumbai and another from Delhi who used to give me funky t-shirts and casuals. The Mumbai based designer never used to send accurate clothes for Weekend Ka Vaar as he always used to crib inside the house for his clothes.
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In the interview itself, Paras Chhabra clearly said that he won’t pay anything to his designers as money was never a part of their deal.
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