Patiala Babes spoiler alert: Neil reveals truth of his first marriage to Mini

23 March, 2020 | newsx bureau

Patiala Babes Entertainment

Patiala Babes spoiler alert: Patiala Babes spoiler alert: In the show, Neil and Mini are not in good terms, but she asks from him to open up what is going in his mind, to which he spills all the be...

Patiala Babes spoiler alert: In the time of self-quarantine due to COVID-19, serials and movies are the only possible way to entertain ourselves. So, the makers of Patiala Babes added a new entertainment factor but revealing Neil’s first marriage. Till now in the show, Mini and Neil are not in good terms as he hid the past of his first marriage and he has a kid too!
In the upcoming episode, viewers will watch that Neil finally revealed all the truth related to Isha and his end marriage, he will be seen saying, that his wife, Isha has an extramarital affair and after knowing the truth he broke down his all marriage vows. Their relationship had been turned ugly, so at last, he decided to take a divorce. Meanwhile, Mini will understand his pain and tries to console him to be strong and take his kid’s custody.
Indeed with these shocking revelations, Mini and Neil won’t be seen in love as they were before, but she will act as a support pillar during his legal issues.  Currently, Neil is fighting a court matter to take his kid custody, where his first wife is trying to ask for a big amount to end this marriage. Nevertheless, the show is showcasing nail bitting episode, as its a female-centric show where social issues are raised and solved in it. Ashnoor Kaur as Mini Babita, Saurabh Raj Jain as Chef Neil Oberoi, Saisha Bajaj as Arya Singh, and Paridhi Sharma as Babita Singh is in lead roles.