Patiala Babes spoiler alert: School trustee torcher Arya, Minni!

2 March, 2020 | newsx bureau

Patiala Babes Entertainment

Patiala Babes spoiler alert: In the fight for justice, Arya and Minni are facing troubles as now School trustee is trying to cover up the crime. In the latest development school trustee calls only ...

Patiala Babes spoiler alert: One of the most appreciated female-centric show Patiala Babes is heading towards its biggest twist, as in the fight for justice, Arya and Mini’s trouble gets worsened. In the latest development, school trustee called Arya and Minni for investigation, where only Chutanki aka Arya was allowed to enter into office, while Minni has to wait outside, till the time cross-examined was underway.
As it is a matter of child abuse, School trustee wants to pull their leg out from the matter. During the investigation, trustee planned to ask strict questions from Arya, so that in nervousness she couldn’t explain what had actually happened that day, in hope, she could change her statement. Currently, School trustee is trying to hide the crime, as it can question their reputation and children safety.
The backgrounder of the story is, Arya’s best friend Neha was physically abused by the school peon, as he took her to the washroom in the name of punishment. The story took a drastic turn when Arya explained all the matter to Minni, immediately she got to know that its a matter of child abuse and she has to raise her voice for that. After this, Minni explained Arya what is about good and bad touch, so that she should never get into this situation.
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