People are going to love you for who you are: Ruhee Dosani

4 July, 2021 | Priyanka Sharma

Ruhee Dosani A List

In the exclusive conversation, Ruhee Dosani, Dancer & Influencer, opened up about her love for Bollywood music, her process of creating content on a daily basis and much more. 

Ruhee Dosani, who is taking social media by a storm with her fun dance videos, recently joined NewsX for a conversation as part of NewsX Influencer A-List. In the exclusive conversation, Ruhee opened up about her love for Bollywood music, her process of creating content on a daily basis and much more.

Speaking about what kept her going, especially amid a pandemic, Ruhee said, “I feel like when i started, it wasn’t planned like yes, this is what i am going to do or it wasn’t like social media is my platform and i am going to grow here. I think it was one fun video. I started getting messages and DMs saying that it is making them feel better or they are liking it and loving it. I look upto when i would be releasing my next video. I feel like making someone happy, making someone feel like that, is tough because it was a very crazy year. 2020 has been rough with several ups and downs. The whole pandemic was unexpected. I feel like even one percent i can put out there and make people smile and laugh, that was a big thing for me. That’s the main motivation.”

When asked whether she always this groovy or was this a passion she discovered much later, she responded, “I was. I feel like because i lived in Mumbai when i was young, the dance performance during Ganpati Visarjan, resonated with me. School, annual day, college functions. I feel like songs and music, dance gets me. If it is a club, if i step out, it is a comforting moment for me. Even if there is an awkward situation, i just keep grooving. Indian music is something that gets me high, for sure. I can listen to Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, if it has a taste, it gets me grooving.”

On being asked is there anybody she looks up to, Ruhee expressed, “When it comes to dancing, i definitely look upto Govinda sir. Even when i make videos, i’m like play ‘Akhiyon Se Goli Mare’ or something. That smoothness in his moves is something different. When it comes to energy, i look upto a lot of other people. I feel like there are so many talents. I do look upto a lot of people for a lot of different things.”

Giving us an insight into her process of creating content on a regular basis, Ruhee shared, “I have a lot of conversations with my friends. If i am at work, i listen to music. I feel like it comes out of nowhere. I am driving and i am with people, i start visualising. I visualise a lot. I am like i can create a video with this song. With everyday content creating now, it has opened the creativity process so much. Not only from friends, my DMs are filled with song suggestions. I also try to relate to the festival time. I don’t write anything. Everything is just in my brain. My friends, who dance with me, also give me song suggestions.”

When asked how do she get all your friends together and whether does it get ever chaotic, Ruhee responded, “We hang out often and that’s how it started. Now, when i get an idea, i call them and ask them if they are doing something. If not, we meet up. I’m like listen, this is the idea. They get so excited. I feel like there are a lot of people. They are ready to know about the culture, about the music. It’s fun to do something, rather than doing nothing. They are always up for it. It’s mostly planned but sometimes its just like hey’s let’s meet up.”

Sharing a piece of advise for budding content creators, who are just beginning their journey, Ruhee said, “On social media, it’s always up and down. Build through it, grow through it. I feel like one thing i would say for sure, is that stay consistent and don’t lose hope. That’s where you give up. When you feel like you are putting in so much hard work,  the reach is different than the one than the one you make when you are relaxed and not thinking about what people are going to say. If you love it, just keep going. People are going to love you for who you are. DM me and i will give you all the motivation you need.”

On a parting note, when asked if she could wake up in one Bollywood song or a Bollywood movie, which one would it be, Ruhee said, “I have so many favourite songs. I am thinking of which movie has my type of vibe. I think i would go with ‘what is your mobile number, karu kya dial number’. It has to be a Govinda movie or song.”