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India’s focus is on green growth, green jobs, says PM Modi

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The focus of India, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is on green growth and green jobs, said on Friday, highlighting the nation’s goal of having net zero emissions by 2070.

“India has set a goal of having net zero emissions by 2070. The nation is currently concentrating on growth and green jobs. And every state’s environment ministry plays a huge part in achieving all these aims “PM Modi said through video conference at the National Conference of Environment Ministers’ opening ceremony in Ekta Nagar, Gujarat. The prime minister emphasised the necessity to maintain harmony with nature and stated that the environment ministries of the states play a crucial role in attaining these objectives.

The prime minister urged all environment ministers to “promote a circular economy as much as feasible in the states.”

The prime minister stated in an official statement that these actions will considerably boost the solid waste management campaign and release us from the grip of single-use plastic.

Modi addressed the issue of groundwater and noted that even states with plenty of water today experience water shortages.

The environment department would also need to take these into consideration as an equally pressing concern, the prime minister said, adding that the difficulties and initiatives like chemical-free natural farming, Amrit Sarovar, and water security are not restricted to the separate departments.

“The environment ministries must take a collaborative and integrated approach to their work. Nature will profit when the environmental ministries’ priorities shift, I’m convinced of that “said he.

The prime minister emphasised that public awareness is another crucial component of environmental protection and that this activity is not simply restricted to the Information Department or the Education Department.

“As you all are well aware, a lot of stress has been given on experience-based learning under the National Education Policy that has been adopted in the country,” PM Modi continued.

The Ministry of the Environment should be in charge of this effort, the Prime Minister said.

Children will become more conscious of biodiversity as a result of this, and the seeds of environmental protection will also be sown.

“It is important to teach children who live in coastal areas how to preserve the marine ecology. We need to instil environmental awareness in our children and the next generation “said the prime minister.

Following the motto of Jai Anusandhan, the universities and labs of our states should give top attention to discoveries relating to environmental conservation.

The use of technology in environmental protection was also emphasised by the prime minister. PM Modi said, “Studies and studies on the state of trees in the woods are equally vital.

The Prime Minister welcomed everyone to Ekta Nagar and the National Conference of Environment Ministers in his remarks to the group. The meeting is being conducted as India sets new objectives for the next 25 years, the prime minister said.

As he discussed the importance, the prime minister noted that Ekta Nagar’s all-encompassing development is a shining example of an environmental pilgrimage when it comes to forests, water conservation, tourism, and our tribal brothers and sisters.

The Prime Minister cited the International Solar Alliance, the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, and the LiFE movement as examples of organisations that India is leading by example in the field of renewable energy.

“Today’s new India is moving forward with fresh ideas and a new attitude,” the prime minister stated.

The Prime Minister continued by stating that not only is India’s economy growing quickly but so is its ecological infrastructure. He said, “Our wetlands are also fast developing, and our forest cover has risen.”

The Prime Minister said that because of India’s track record of keeping its word, the world is now joining it. “The population of leopards, one-horned rhinos, elephants, Gir lions, and tigers has grown over time.

After Cheetah’s recent return to Madhya Pradesh, there is fresh enthusiasm “said the prime minister.

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