Monday, December 11, 2023

PM Modi Criticizes Congress, Advocates Progress in Madhya Pradesh

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In a spirited address during a rally in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress party, asserting that those devoid of innovative ideas and development roadmaps cannot contribute to the state’s advancement. He accused them of harboring a deep-seated hostility that clouds their recognition of the nation’s achievements.

The Prime Minister underlined the transformation of Madhya Pradesh from a ‘Bimaru Rajya’ to ranking among the top ten states in India under BJP governance. He emphasized the party’s aspiration to elevate the state to one of the top three in the nation.

PM Modi remarked, “Those lacking fresh perspectives and progressive agendas can never foster progress in Madhya Pradesh. Their sole preoccupation is to obstruct the country’s advancement and disparage various schemes. They harbor such animosity that they overlook the nation’s achievements.”

Highlighting that Congress had held power for six decades but failed to accelerate development, the Prime Minister noted that 60 years was a significant period, and much more could have been achieved in that time frame.

He accused Congress of manipulating the sentiments of the underprivileged and dividing the populace along caste lines, both historically and presently.

PM Modi inaugurated several development projects worth approximately Rs 19,260 crores in Gwalior during his visit. He emphasized Madhya Pradesh’s historical significance as a land of warriors and lauded the multitude of projects initiated by the BJP in the state. He reiterated the concept of “double engine” governance translating to double development in Madhya Pradesh.

The Prime Minister also accused Congress of practicing vote-bank politics and stressed the BJP’s commitment to the state’s progress.

Madhya Pradesh is slated for assembly elections later this year, and the BJP currently holds power in the state, making it one of the five states set to go to the polls by the end of the year.

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