Sunday, December 10, 2023

PM Modi inaugurates Central Vista Avenue, unveils Netaji statue

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugrated Central Vista Avenue and unveiled the Netaji statue in Delhi on Thursday.

The newly renamed Kartavya Path stretches from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate, covering approximately 101 acres.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the crowd at the inauguration of Kartavya Path.

PM Narendra Modi at the event said, “Symbol of colonialism ‘Kingsway’ will be a history and has been erased forever. A new era has begun in the form of Kartvyapath. I congratulate all the people of the country as we come out from another symbol of colonialism”

During his speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that India has moved beyond the colonial mindset.

He proposed renaming the Andaman Islands after Netaji Bose, as well as renaming the Race Course Road Lok Kalyan Marg.
You will see the India of the future here. It will give you a new vision, new belief. For the next three days, a drone show will be held based on the life of Netaji. People come here in large numbers in the evenings. The planning, designing and lighting of the Kartavya Path has been done keeping this in mind,” he added.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that the Kartavya Path is more than just a path of bricks and stones, saying that, “when people come here, Netaji’s statue, the National War Memorial will inspire people.”

“Today not only the architecture, but also the soul of Rajpath has changed. When ministers and officials cross kartavya path, they will be reminded of their duty towards the nation,” he added.

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