Wednesday, December 6, 2023

PM Modi inquires about funds received by CM in Mahadev Betting Scam: Congress questioned

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During an election rally in Chhattisgarh’s Mungeli, Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought up the Mahadev app ‘scam’ and called on the Congress to disclose the extent of funds received by the Chief Minister and how much was transferred to the party’s central leadership.

PM Modi raised questions about the Rs 508 crore Mahadev betting app scandal, highlighting the significant cash recoveries made by investigating agencies. He mentioned that a close aide of Chhattisgarh CM is currently in jail in connection with the case and urged the Congress to provide transparency on the financial transactions involved.

Accusing the Congress of pursuing votes at any cost and engaging in appeasement, PM Modi criticized the party for not respecting the faith of Dalits, OBCs, and tribals. He attributed poverty in the country to Congress and claimed that despite decades of the “Garibi Hatao” slogan, these communities remained impoverished.

PM Modi predicted that the Congress, which he accused of looting Chhattisgarh, would not retain power during Dev Deepawali. He emphasized the need for a change and a new era of joy and enthusiasm for the state.

Continuing his critique of the Congress government, PM Modi pointed out the agreement for the Chief Minister’s post lasting two and a half years, alleging extensive corruption during that period, resulting in substantial ill-gotten gains.

The Directorate of Enforcement (ED), investigating the Mahadev Book Online Betting APP syndicate, claimed to have uncovered startling facts through questioning a cash courier from the UAE, forensic examination of a recovered phone, and examination of an email from a high-ranking Mahadev network accused. The agency asserted that approximately Rs 508 crore had been paid to CM Bhupesh Baghel by the promoters of the Mahadev betting app, with the source of these alleged payments currently under investigation.

Chhattisgarh is one of the five states undergoing elections this month, with voting occurring in two phases. The first phase, consisting of 20 seats, concluded on November 7, while the remaining 70 seats are scheduled for polling on November 17, with vote counting set for December 3.

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