PM Modi interacts with Bill Gates, discusses India’s public engagement-based approach to fight coronavirus

15 May, 2020 | newsx bureau

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PM Narendra Modi on Thursday interacted with Bill Gates via video conferencing and discussed the global response to COVID-19 and the importance of global coordination on scientific innovation to co...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday interacted with billionaire, philanthropist, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and discussed the global response of battle against COVID-19 and the importance of coordination required in terms of scientific innovation to combat COVID-19. Not just the PM also underlined India’s approach to fight the pandemic. He said that India is following public engagement-based approach through appropriate messaging in this fight.

PM Modi added that how the people-centric bottom-up approach has helped in winning the trust of the public and acceptability for following norms like social distancing, respect for all the frontline workers, taking care of hygiene, respecting the efforts of government, following lockdown measures and wearing masks. Prime Minister Narendra Modi added that all their previous initiatives taken by the government that includes maintaining hygiene and cleanliness under Swachh Bharat Mission and India’s Ayurvedic knowledge to enhance the immunity of the people have helped in India’s approach to the current pandemic.

Not just this, PM also appreciated the health-related work done by Gates Foundation not just in India but in the entire world. He also took suggestions from Gates on how India’s work and capacities can help the world to fight against the pandemic

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Further, PM Modi and Gates also agreed that given India’s willingness and capacities to help the other countries to fight against this battle, it has now become important to add India in the ongoing global discussions for coordinating responses to the coronavirus pandemic. Not just this, PM Modi also suggested Gates take lead in analyzing the current situation and decide how will things be taken forward in the post COVID world.