Monday, December 11, 2023

PM Modi Launches Global South Centre of Excellence

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a global center for excellence for the Global South countries named DAKSHIN during the Second Voice of Global South Summit. The center, known as the Dakshin Development and Knowledge Sharing Initiative Global South Centre for Excellence, was proposed by PM Modi during the first Voice of Global South Summit in January. In his remarks, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of the Global South, stating that it has always existed geographically but is now gaining a voice through joint efforts. PM Modi also highlighted India’s commitment to inclusive and human-centric development in the G20, mentioning the inclusion of Global South priorities in the New Delhi G20 Declaration. Additionally, he announced India’s plan to organize the AI Global Partnership Summit to promote responsible use of technology. The summit is structured into 10 sessions and aims to discuss key outcomes of various G20 meetings and address challenges posed by global developments.

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