PM Modi to Hold Bilateral Talks With SA Prez Ramaphosa on Day-2 of the BRICS Summit

23 August, 2023 | Anamika Singh Parihar

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South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are set to hold a bilateral meeting on day-2 of 15th BRICS Summit.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa will have a bilateral meeting on the second day of the 15th BRICS Summit on Wednesday.
PM Modi will attend open and closed plenary sessions in Johannesburg later in the day.
Following the plenaries, President Ramaphosa will host a banquet meal and cultural entertainment.

The 15th BRICS Summit’s first day in Johannesburg saw the BRICS Business Forum Leaders’ Dialogue.

In his speech at the BRICS Business Forum Leaders’ Dialogue, PM Modi predicted that India’s economy will soon reach $5 trillion and serve as the world’s primary driver of growth in the years to come.
Mutual trust and openness, in particular in the Global South, can have a significant impact, according to PM Modi’s special message to the conversation.

In the meantime, Ramaphosa claimed that the BRICS nations have a chance to contribute to and take part in Africa’s growth story because the nation has an urbanized population and can supply a solid workforce in the future.

President Ramaphosa said,”Africa has a young digitally connecting and urbanizing population. A population that provides a stable workforce for companies in future. The investment in skills… continues to grow.”

Soon after the Business Forum, PM Modi traveled to Johannesburg’s Summer Place to take part in the BRICS Leaders Retreat, where the group’s leaders will discuss recent global events and consider how best to use the BRICS platform to confront and address current global concerns.

The event was attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
PM Modi was formally welcomed at Waterkloof Air Force Base after arriving in South Africa earlier on Tuesday.

The Indian diaspora welcomed PM Modi with a thunderous welcome, chanting “Vande Mataram,” and Indian community members had gathered outside the Sandton Sun Hotel in anticipation of his arrival to welcome him with “dhols.”

As they welcomed PM Modi to the nation, women from the Indian diaspora wrapped a “Rakhi” around his wrist. The Swaminarayan Temple in Johannesburg was modeled, which the prime minister also examined.
The currently underconstruction temple will be the biggest Hindu temple in Africa and the Southern Hemisphere when it is finished in 2025.

The tour commemorates the 30th anniversary of diplomatic ties between India and South Africa and is PM Modi’s third visit to the country.

Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRICS) were originally conceived as BRIC, a bold idea conceived by Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neil in 2001. BRICS is a collective depiction of rising emerging markets brimming with present and future economic prowess. In a significant step in 2010, South Africa joined the group, leading to the acronym being changed to BRICS.

BRICS presents a different global order to challenge the supremacy of established institutions, serving as a light of economic hope.

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