Poisonous gas leak in Bihar: One dead

25 June, 2023 | Priya Rani

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Gas leaked from ammonium cylinder at Raj Fresh Dairy factory in Vaishali

A poisonous gas leak occurred at Raj Fresh Dairy factory in Bihar’s Vaishali on Saturday evening, resulting in one death and hospitalization of 30 individuals. People were admitted to the Hajipur Sadar Hospital for treatment on Sunday.

The incident took place while workers were present inside the building. Upon noticing the gas leakage, the workers rushed outside in panic, and unfortunately, one worker lost his life in the commotion.

The factory manager confirmed the incident and stated that the situation is now under control. The broken pipe responsible for the gas leak has been repaired.

Fire department officials arrived at the scene to investigate the cause of the leakage. A preliminary inquiry showed that industrial negligence may have contributed to the disaster.

The affected laborers have been admitted to the hospital and are receiving treatment, with their condition reported to be stable.