President Awardee Palak Kour Bijral receives the State Award, making India proud

24 December, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Palak Kour Bijral has been awarded the prestigious state award for representing Jammu and Kashmir in the National Games in 2015. She won 2 Gold medals and a Silver Medal.

In the period of our adolescence, many of us could not decide what to do in life. Our parents and well-wishers came to the rescue by choosing a particular path as a career option. Nowadays the process has become more complex due to the over expectation of the family members, and teenagers urge to follow their passion. Following a passion, and making a global identity from one of the most conflicted places on Earth, is not an easy task. Kashmir ki kali Palak Kour Bijral proved that, if you really want to follow your passion and you carry an ample amount of determination and a pinch of courage, nobody can stop you from achieving your goal.

Palak Kour Bijral is an International Rhythmic Gymnast, and she has represented India on many global platforms since childhood. Kashmir is a place from where we notice more talents, and the people of this place carry a great power to suffer and excel simultaneously. The introduction of this fascinating story took place when Palak Kour Bijral was only 6 years old. Baby Palak was very passionate about gymnastics, and she received a lot of support from her family. It is true that whenever the passion of a child got support from the family, he/she has done great things in life. After two years of training, Palak Kour Bijral got exposure by participating in her first Artistic Gymnastics competition at the age of 8. By 2005-2006 Palak Kour Bijral already participated in three Artistic Gymnastics Competitions. At the age of 11, Palak Kour Bijral put her first step in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition in 2007, and the journey of Rhythmic Gymnast Palak Kour Bijral started from this phase.

Starting the new journey in the territory of Rhythmic Gymnastics Palak Kour Bijral found herself attending 45 days of summer coaching at the Jintana Rhythmic Gymnastics Club in Bangkok, Thailand for further improvement of her skills. Mrs. Kusumarn Prasertsri, the President of JRC Club guided Palak Kour Bijral during the training sessions. It was a rigorous phase, which used to be 9-10 hours of training for 6 days per week. The international training camp was a different experience for Palak Kour Bijral because she got a beautiful idea about the extraordinary apparatuses such as Hoop, Ball, Rope, Clubs, and Ribbon. Palak also realized the importance of extra care. The individual training process for each of the trainees facilitated the process of perfection.

The international exposure changed Palak Kour Bijral’s mindset, she became more serious about her goal at a very young age. After completing the conscientious training in Bangkok, Palak Kour Bijral got her first opportunity in 2007 to showcase her talent as a Rhythmic Gymnast at the National Championship, in Rajasthan. The 12 years old child bagged 1 silver medal and 3 gold medals in the sub-junior category of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition.

Such accomplishment at a very small age could not harm Palak Kour Bijral’s willpower. She acquired the mental strength to override unwanted thoughts, feelings, and impulses even after gaining so much popularity. Rhythmic Gymnast Palak Kour Bijral resisted herself from dwelling on short term achievements and planned to aim for the long term goals.

Just like at the age of 12, Harry Potter’s life turned upside down after receiving the Hogwarts letter, Palak Kour Bijral’s life also got the biggest break at the same age. In 2008, she received the opportunity to represent India at the 4th Children of Asia International Games, at Yakutsk, Mirny, Neryungri (Russia). Palak Kour Bijral was the only Rhythmic Gymnast who got selected from her state by the Federation of India. Palak Kour Bijral became emotional while remembering the evocative pieces of beautiful memories when she went to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi for the first time wearing the Indian blazer. “It was a proud moment in my life, and I will cherish it till the last breath. At that moment I realized that this is what I was working for, and my purpose in life is to work hard and make my country proud,” she added.

Visiting a foreign place for the first time at a very small age made Palak Kour Bijral a bit nervous, but Mrs. Krupali Patel Singh, the coach of Team India, followed Palak like her shadow. Mrs. Singh made sure that her student does not get scared or demotivated on D-day. Palak Kour Bijral gives all the credits to Mrs. Krupali Patel Singh for everything. Palak performed all her routines with confidence, like Rope, Hoop, Ball, and Freehand, but she could not make it to the victory stand. Palak Kour Bijral showed her sportsmanship and did not bother about the failure; she crossed the path as a great experience, not more than that. This mindset made her matured gradually.

After showcasing her beautiful performance Palak Kour Bijral received huge support and love from the audience. They applauded her and threw toys at her at the end of her performance. This gesture of the Audience in the Rhythmic Gymnastics World was considered as a big deal, and Palak Kour Bijral became globally famous by Russian media houses. Her photographs appeared in local Russian Newspapers.

Palak Kour Bijral continued her training in India under good supervision and kept participating in various competitions. In 2017, she took part in the All India Inter-University Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition and won 4 Silver medals, and 2 Gold medals at Chandigarh. In the next year January at the All India Inter-University competition, she achieved 1 Gold medal. In February 2018, Palak Kour Bijral participated in Senior National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship at Mohali, Punjab, and this Kashmiri talented girl made everyone proud after being declared as the Best Gymnasts all over India. She bagged 4 Gold medals, and 1 bronze medal at Mohali.

On 28th February 2018 Palak Kour Bijral accomplished another exceptional prestigious title of ‘All Round Best and the outstanding performance at the International level in Sports’ by the Hon’ble President of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovind.

In 2019, Palak Kour Bijral was declared as all-round champion by winning 5 Gold medals at the All India Inter-University at Chandigarh. In April of the same year, she represented India at the Emirates Cup 2019, Dubai, and made us proud by winning 2 bronze medals and acquiring overall 4th rank.

On 1st December 2020, Palak Kour Bijral has been awarded the prestigious State Award for representing the Erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir in the National Games in 2015, held in Kerala. She won 2 Gold medals and a Silver Medal.

We wish Palak Kour Bijral more success in life. She is one of the most inspirational personalities of India. More power to you Palak. Make your country proud again and again.