Tuesday, December 5, 2023

“Horrific, shameful beyond words”: Priyanka Gandhi on Israel’s recent attack on ambulance in Gaza

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Amid the ongoing tensions in Gaza, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Sunday called for a ceasefire to be enforced immediately. Referring to Israel’s recent attack on an ambulance outside Gaza City’s Al-Shifa Hospital, Priyanka Gandhi said the incident was “horrific and shameful beyond words.”

“It is horrific and shameful beyond words that almost 10,000 civilians, of whom nearly 5000 are children, have been massacred, whole family lines have been finished off, hospitals and ambulances have been bombed, refugee camps targeted and yet the so-called leaders of the “free” world continue to finance and support the genocide in Palestine,” the Congress leader said in a post on X.

She added, “A ceasefire is the very least step that should be immediately enforced by the international community or it will have no moral authority left.”
Israel claimed responsibility for the attack on an ambulance outside Gaza City’s Al-Shifa Hospital, which killed several people and left dozens more wounded,on Friday.
Israel said that it had targeted the ambulance because it was being used by Hamas, according to a statement from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).
Notably, at least 15 people were killed and 50 others were wounded in the attack on the largest medical facility in the enclave, CNN reported, citing the Hamas-run health authorities.
According to the footage from the scene, at least a dozen bloodied casualties can be seen strewn across the ground near an ambulance.
As per the latest updates on the Israel-Hamas conflict, Israel Defence Forces spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari has said the forces are determined to continue to operate against Hamas terrorists.
In a post on social media platform X, the IDF wrote, quoting Hagari, “They are strong. They are determined. They are prepared. They know what they are fighting for.”
“Our forces continue to operate against Hamas’ leadership and infrastructure in northern Gaza,” he added.
The IDF also claimed that Hamas hides within the intricate network of “terror tunnels.”
“While Hamas obstructs their civilians from getting to safety in southern Gaza, Hamas hides within their intricate network of terror tunnels,” the IDF posted on X.”IDF troops uncovered multiple access points during operational activity in northern Gaza,” it added.
The conflict in Gaza escalated after the October 7 attack by Hamas, where about 2,500 terrorists breached the border into Israel from the Gaza Strip, leading to casualties and the seizure of hostages.
Israel has characterised its Gaza offensive as targeting Hamas’ infrastructure with the goal of eliminating the entire terror group while making efforts to minimise civilian casualties, The Times of Israel reported.
More than 9,000 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks since October 7, while 1,400 people were killed in the Hamas attack on Israel.

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