Haryana Hammers outclassed Delhi Sultans by 5-2 on Friday to continue their winning run in Pro wrestling season 3 being held at Delhi’s Siri Fort Sports Complex. While Hammers are yet to lose a game in the tournament, Sultans have lost both their matches so far. Star attraction Sushil Kumar who was blocked in the last match, could not play today as well due to an injury. His ouster from the game must have certainly affected the team’s morale as they gave in quite easily. 

In the last game, Haryana Hammers had beaten Veer Marathas by a margin of 5-2 to start their campaign on a splendid note. On the other hand, Delhi Sultans had suffered a defeat in the last match as well at the hands of Mumbai Maharathi who won by 5-2 in the opening encounter. In the match, Sushil Kumar was blocked by Mumbai who had won the toss. In the next encounter, UP Dangal will battle ot out with Mumbai Maharathi on Saturday. 

Highlights of the match between Delhi Sultans and Haryana Hammers: 

08: 49 PM IST | Sumit beats Hitender by 4-2. And with that Haryana Hammers wrap it by a margin of 5-2. What a game, what a performance it is by Hammers! See you all, tomorrow, same time, same place! Have a great evening, peeps! 

08: 45 PM IST | Sumit leading the bout by 2-1 at the end of first round. 

08: 36 PM IST | In the last bout of the night, Delhi Sultans’ Hitender will clashing with Haryana Hammers’ Sumit in 125 kg (men) category.  

08: 33 PM IST | Yanan wins comfortably with a 11-2 margin. And with that Haryana Hammers have won the game as well. They are looking very very strong in the league and would be one of the favorites to clinch the title. 

08: 28 PM IST | Sun Yanan of Haryana Hammers wins the first round comfortably by a margin of 8-2. Mizen looked in a lot of pain in the bout as Yanan continued to gain points after points. In last few minutes of the first round, she showed no motivation to get back in the game. 

08:22 PM IST |In the 50 kg women category Maroi Mizen of Delhi Sultans will be battling it out with Sun Yanan of Haryana Hammers. Mizan is shouldering a great responsibility to keep the hopes of Sultans alive in the game. Can she do it? We gotta see! 

08:20 PM IST | Haryana Hammers once again get the lead as Sabalov beats Vinod by 10-0. Although Vinod fought well in the initial stages of the game, Sabalov generated some great moves to get to a score of 10-0. Had Sushil been in action, the story could have been different, but alas!  

08:14 PM IST | Sabalov leading the bout by 2-0, Om Prakash fighting well. 

08:07 PM IST | Vinod Om Prakash of Delhi is gearing up to take on Khetik Sabalov of Haryana Hammers in 74 kg category. Sushil Kumar is missing out from action once again due to an injury. Disappointment all around among his fans. 

08: 04 PM IST | Helen wins the bout by 6-6, thanks to the last point she got against Phogat. But what a nail-biter it was, we are impressed by Phogat’s fighting spirit. scores levelled again! 

08:03 PM IST | Sangeeta Phogat giving a tough battle to a much stronger Helen. 

07: 59 PM IST | Delhi Sultans’ Sangeeta Phogat set to clash with Helen Maroulis of Hammers in the next bout. 

07:54 PM IST | Alvaro beats Deepak 15-0. Punia completely looked helpless as Alvaro kept on rolling him and he had nothing to offer him. 

07: 43 PM IST | Alvaro Aslan of Delhi Sultans and Deepak Punia of Haryana Hammers to weigh each other in 92 kg (men) category. Punia is playing in the place of Rubaljeet Rangi who is injured. Let’s see if he can showcase his potential against a much experienced Aslan. 

07:40 PM IST | Sarita of Haryana Hammers wins her bout against Delhi wrestler by 5-0. She gave absolutely no chance to Monia to come back in the game despite efforts by her.  The scores are levelled now. 

07: 35 PM IST| Sarita leads by 1-o at the end of first round. a tight battle it is as we expected, but Sarita manages to impress. 

07: 32 PM IST | The second bout is between Sarita of HH and Monia of DS in the 62kg category. A lot of hopes from Sarita to level the scores here. A tough bout on the cards! 

07: 26 PM IST | The first bout has been won by Haji of Delhi Sultans by 11-4. Brilliant start by the local favorites here! 

07: 15 PM IST | First bout to take place between Haji Aliyev of Delhi Sultans and Harphool of Haryana Hammers in 65 kg category. 

07: 12 PM IST| Delhi Sultans have won the toss, block Vladimir. 

06:45 PM IST | Hello and welcome to live coverage of the match between Haryana Hammers and Delhi Sultans. Toss to take place shortly!