Sunday’s Pro Wrestling League match of Delhi Sultans and Veer Marathas is very important in the sense that Delhi Sultans will be eyeing their first win of the season. On the other hand, Veer Marathas will also be looking forward to a victory to keep their hopes of semis intact. The matches are taking place at Siri Fort Sports Complex at 7.00 in the evening. The most attractive match of the day is in 92 kg category of men, where Alberov Aslan (Delhi captain) will stand in the ring against Georgi Ketoev. Both of these wrestlers are world championship (bronze medal) holders. Similarly, in 57 kg category, East Asian champion and Olympian Sandeep Tomar will have a tussle against the new sensation Shravan

Sandeep Tomar’s experience is likely to benefit him against Shravan. In 57 kg women (Marwa Amri), Tunisia’s Olympic medalist will be in front of (Sangeeta Phogat). Marva, who was unbeatable in the previous season,  has defeated Odunoyo and Helen, and Sangeeta has expressed her intentions by defeating World Champion Vesna. Similarly, in 50 kg women’s category,  Ritu Phogat is likely to win against two times African champion Maroi Mezian.

Delhi Sultans co-owner Ashish Bhutani has said that so far, whatever be the results of their team, audiences have appreciated the competition very well. Even against the Veer Marathas, their players will give a thrilling performance in the spectacular game. At the same time, Veer Marathas co-owner Ranjit Saxena has said that their team is back into the rhythm. “We will try our best to maintain it in our remaining contests. We have full faith in our players,” he said.

The Order of play is: (first name of Delhi Sultans) 57 kg – Sandeep Tomar Vs Sharvan, 65 kg – Haji Aliev Vs Amit Dhankad, 74 kg – Vinod OmPrakash Vs Praveen Rana, 92 kg – Alborov Aslan Vs Georgi ketoev, 125 kg – Hitender Vs Levan Beriandze, 50kg – Maroi Mezian Vs Ritu Phogat, 57kg – Sangeeta Phogat Vs Marwa Amri, 62kg – Monia Vs Ritu Malik, 76kg – Sameramer Ibrahim Hamza Vs Vasilisa Marazaliuk.

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