The road to semifinals between 6 juggernauts of Pro Wrestling League Season 3 teams have come to a curtain close as qualified teams Haryana Hammers and UP Dangal locked horns in the final league match of the action-packed tournament on Tuesday at Siri Fort in New Delhi. In the final league match of the season, Haryana Hammers ended UP Dangal’s unbeaten run by defeating the Geeta Phogat led side with a 4-3 margin. For the Hammers, World Champion and Rio Gold Medalist Helen Maroulis failed to make her presence felt as the last season’s runners up decided to rest their icon player. The win for the Hammers was brought by 2017 Commonwealth Gold medallist Roublejit Singh Rangi, who once again became the knight in shining armour for his side and outclassed UP Dangal’s Vicky 9-4.  

Throughout the Pro Wrestling League Season, both teams competed in mouthwatering clashes where they were able to outclass league underdogs as well as favourites in order to book their semi-final tickets. The last year finalist, Hammers emerged victorious over Mumbai Maharathi with the slightest of margin last Saturday to confirm their last four contention. Their opponent were treated as invincible before tonight’s result of PWL as they defeated every team they faced before Haryana Hammers. Haryana Hammers will face UP Dangal again as a rematch but this time in the semi-finals which will be a knockout affair. 

Here are the highlights from the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 Day 15 encounter between Haryana Hammers and UP Dangal:

8:54 PM — What we witnessed was indeed a slobber knocker of a contest which ended in Haryana Hammers’ favour. With the win, Haryana have ended UP Dangal’s unbeaten run in Pro Wrestling Season 3. They have also done their geographical neighbours Punjab Royals a favour as the defending champions will now go on top to lead the recently concluded league standing. Haryana Hammers will face UP Dangal again but this time in the semi-finals which will be a knockout affair. 

8:50 PM — That will do it for Haryana Hammers! Roublejit Singh once again the knight in shining armour for his side puts the game to bed with a comeback 9-4 victory.  

8:48 PM — The contest was very much in the balance for both sides until Roublejit Singh started the second round with a bang! Currently Roublejit Singh is in the lead now with 9-4 scoreline in Haryana Hammers’ favour. 

8:46 PM — End of first round, it’s going down the wire folks as Vicky takes the lead with the slightest of margin. 

8:44 PM — A 4 point lead momentarily for Vicky, it came from the quick grappling skills produced by the young Indian wrestler. 

8:42 PM — Here’s the fun fact, if Haryana win this bout they will dethrone UP Dangal who are touted as PWL Season’s invincibles and they will be up against them again in the semi-finals as well! 

8:40 PM — Time for tonight’s decider folks! It’s the main event of the night. Representing Haryana Hammers is Roublejit Singh and he is up against Vicky of UP Dangal. It’s winner takes all ladies and gentlemen. 

8:37 PM — Vinesh Phogat’s conquerer in the Olympics has done it again in the PWL Season 3! Sun Yanan beats Vinesh Phogat 15-7. 

8:35 PM — In terms of holding your opponent down, Sun Yanan is definitely the stronger than young Vinesh. 

8:34 PM — More points for Sun Yanan, the Chinese wrestler is leading the bout with a 15-8 margin. 

8:32 PM — A minute and 40 seconds to go and UP Dangal are behind with 5 point deficit in this one. 

8:30 PM — Haryana Hammers are winning this one with a 8-4 margin. Time for all-out attack for Vinesh! 

8:29 PM — An anxious look on Vinesh’s elder sister Geeta Phogat as the second round of this great Indo-Chinese clash gets underway. 

8:27 PM — First threat issued by Sun Yanan in the closing stage of the first round. Sun Yanan bags couple of points with her strong maneuver.   

8:26 PM — Straightaway a pointer by UP Dangal’s Vinesh Phogat. She is off and running in this intriguing contest. 

8:24 PM — The first round between UP Dangal’s Vinesh Phogat and Haryana Hammers’ Sun Yanan is underway. 

8:20 PM — Next is bout-6 between UP Dangal’s Vinesh Phogat and Haryana Hammers’ Sun Yanan. First round action coming up next. 

8:18 PM — It’s all over for Harpohool! Bajarang Punia edge past Hammers’ grappler with a single point. UP Dangal are 3-2 against in this seven-match contest against Haryana Hammers.  

8:17 PM — Haryana can only finish second or third whatever the results are after tonight’s action. 

8:16 PM — With a slender one-point lead, Bajarang Punia gets one more point because of passivity shown by Harphool Ghulia. 

8:14 PM — With everything to play for we are underway in the second round of the men’s 65kg bout between Harphool Ghulia and Bajarang Punia. 

8:12 PM — End of the first period and UP Dangal will be satisfied with the scoreline as Bajarang Punia leading the 6-minute bout with a 2-1 margin. Stay tuned folks, second round coming next. 

8:10 PM — Harphool Ghulia is defending hard as Bajarang Punia gets two opening points with a single leg hold. 

8:08 PM — First points of the bout has been bagged by none other than Harphool Ghulia. 

8:06 PM —  The men’s 65kg category bout between Harphool Ghulia and  Bajarang Punia is underway. With both teams on level terms it’s anybody’s game now.  

8:05 PM — Up next is an all Indian clash between Bajarang Punia and Harphool. Stay tuned as first-round action coming towards you next. 

08:04 PM — The invincible UP Dangal are level pegging with Haryana Hammers so far. 

08:02 PM — That’s it ladies and gentlemen, Zsanett Nemeth ease past Pooja, who got a solitary point in the end.  Score confirmation: Zsanett Nemeth wins the bout with a 6-1 margin. 

08:00 PM — Zsanett Nemeth on top of her opponent as we reach last 15 seconds of the match. She is in cruise control and is about to end the bout in her favour. 

07:58 PM — Midway through the second round and Zsanett Nemeth has landed herself in a comfortable position. She is leading 6-0 as we go into the last minute. 

07:56 PM — Second round between Pooja and Zsanett Nemeth is underway.  

07:55 PM — Another takedown by Zsanett Nemeth, she is banking on her 4 point lead so far as the first half comes to an end. Zsanett Nemeth is leading 4-0 so far. 

07:54 PM —  This is the heaviest clash of the women’s category for tonight. We are almost heading towards the end of the first round between Pooja and Zsanett Nemeth. 

07:52 PM — Pooja has started things well for her team. Good defence in the end by Zsanett Nemeth as the Hungarian international reverses Pooja’s attack into her own to go 2-0 up. 

07:50 PM — The first round between Pooja and 24-year old Zsanett Nemeth is underway.  

07:46 PM — Up next is 76kg women’s between 20-year old Pooja of Haryana Hammers and she is up against Hungarian international Zsanett Nemeth. 

07:44 PM — It’s glory all the way for Haryana Hammers! Just one point separating the two, Khetik edge past Abdurakhmonov Bekzod 7-6. Haryana Hammers are 2-1 ahead now. 

07:42 PM — Excellent wrestling technique shown by both of the individuals as we are closing in the second round. 

07:40 PM — Bekzod, who seem to be in trouble has pulled himself back in the contest. Still two points to Khetik. 

07:36 PM — End of first round ladies and gentlemen,  Khetik is leading the first round 5-4.  

07:34 PM — The bout which has the potential to become the match of the season is getting better every second ladies gentleman. Both men are trying their level best to end the first round in their favour. 

07:32 PM — We are underway in one of the key matches of tonight! Abdurakhmonov Bekzod is up against Khetik in the men’s 74Kg category.  

07:30 PM — The best of seven match clash between Haryana Hammers and UP Dangal is one apiece ladies and gentlemen. 

07:28 PM — Second round is flash-by already! Vanesa Kaladzinskay pins  Pooja Gahlot to wrap up her flawless win! UP Dangal are back in the tie with a steamrolling victory by Vanesa Kaladzinskay. 

07:26 PM — The second bout between Hammers and UP Dangal is looking done and dusted already as  Vanesa Kaladzinskaya is leading the charge against Pooja Gahlot with a 12-0 scoreline. 

07:24 PM — Back to back points for Vanesa Kaladzinskaya!  Belarus international is leading the 57kg bout with a 10-0 margin. 

07:22 PM — The 57kg category has been given us series of upsets in this season’s PWL. Pooja Gahlot has not started well so far against her Belarus freestyle wrestler. Vanesa Kaladzinskaya is leading 6-0. 

07:18 PM — Time for 57 kg women’s action, representing Haryana Hammers is Indian wrestler Pooja Gahlot and she up against Belarus international Vanesa Kaladzinskaya of UP Dangal. 

07:16 PM — End of first bout ladies and gentlemen,  Haryana Hammer’s have are 1-0 ahead as Khinchegashvili beats Nitin Rathi with a 6-2 margin. 

07:14 PM — The Georgia international is thoroughly in control and with a 6-1 lead, it’s nowhere back for Nitin Rath. 

07:12 PM — The second round between Nitin Rath and Khinchegashvili is underway and straightway Haryana Hammer’s grappler is back in the contest. He is leading 5-2 now. 

07:10 PM — End of first round, Nitin Rathi is leading the charge against Khinchegashvili 2-1. 

07:08 PM — A well accountable threat given by Nitin Rathi as passivity gets kicked in the last minute of the round.  

07:06 PM — The Hammers’ undefeated grappler is expected to face a tough challenge through Nitin Rathi as the first round gets underway. 

07:04 PM — It’s time for the first bout of the night folks, representing UP Dangal is Nitin Rathi and he is up against Haryana Hammer’s Vladimir Khinchegashvili. 

07:00 PM — Haryana Hammers have won the toss and they decided to block 125KG men’s category. In return UP Dangal have blocked the 62kg category. 

06:50 PM —  Here’s what UP Dangal co-owner SunnyKatyal has to say about his side’s clash against Haryana Hammers. 

06:10 PM — Hello and welcome to the LIVE streaming of the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 Day 12 encounter between Haryana Hammers and UP Dangal.

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