The road to the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 final kickstarted on Wednesday as reigning champions NCR Punjab Royals outclassed debutant Veer Marathas in the semi-final 1 with a 6-3 scoreline at Siri Fort indoor stadium in New Delhi. The defending champions Punjab were spearheaded by their icon signing Geno Petriashvili and Indian wrestler Pooja Danda who has become the new fan favourite after her exploits in her side’s intriguing battle against Haryana Hammers. The 24-year old earlier outclassed World Champion Helen Maroulis in her bout and shocked the wrestling world with her unfazed attitude. Today Pooja Dhanda created another major upset by defeating Marwa Amri via pinfall.

With the win, Dhanda continued her winning streak for NCR  Punjab Royals after recording another major upset by defeating Marwa Amri, who was also undefeated before clashing with Pooja. The 24-year old Indian freestyle wrestler earlier outclassed World Champion Helen Maroulis and African Champions Odun in her previous bouts.  The Last nail in the coffin was put by Punjab Royals’Jitender when he beat Parveen Rana 6-4 in the final bout of this season’s first Semi-Final. With the win, NCR Punjab Royals became the first team to reach the finals of Pro Wrestling League for the second consecutive time.    

Here are the highlights from the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 Semi-Final clash between  NCR  Punjab Royals and Veer Marathas:

08:54 PM — A two-point takedown out of nowhere by Jitender (NCR Punjab Royals). Last nail in the coffin by Punjab Royals as Jitender beats Parveen Rana 6-4 in the final bout of this season’s first Semi-Final. Congratulations to team NCR Punjab Royals for reaching the finals of Pro Wrestling League for the second consecutive time.   

08:52 PM — With one minute to go, Parveen Rana (Veer Marathas) is still leading the bout against Jitender (NCR Punjab Royals) despite being on level points. 

08:50 PM — The final round of the final bout for this season’s first Semi-Final between Jitender (NCR Punjab Royals) is up against Parveen Rana (Veer Marathas) is underway.   

08:48 PM — Even though Jitender’s team has won the tie and are into the finals, there is no signs of mercy shown by the NCR Punjab Royals grappler as bags 3 points to reduce the margin by a point. 

08:45 PM — Parveen Rana with his agile grappling techniques takes down Jitender. He is awarded with 2 points for his remarkable manoeuvre. 

08:40 PM — In another consolation battle for Veer Marathas against this season’s finalist Punjab Royals, Jitender (NCR Punjab Royals) is up against Parveen Rana (Veer Marathas).  

08:36 PM — For the second time in this season’s PWL action, Ritu Phogat beats Nirmala Devi 6-2. 

08:34 PM — Points given to Nirmala Devi for passivity. Nirmala Devi is on her way to unleash the final attack against Ritu Phogat.  

08:34 PM — Ritu Phogat starts the second round with a bang as she takes Nirmala Devi down to the mat. She is awarded 2 more points for her strong manoeuvre.   

08:32 PM — The second round between Nirmala Devi and agile Ritu Phogat is underway. 

08:30 PM — Strong defence shown by Nirmala Devi but it has been all Ritu Phogat in the first round. She is leading the bout 4-0. 

08:30 PM — With an impressive leg hold Ritu Phogat started the bout proceedings by picking first two points. We are closing in one first round and Ritu is holding Nirmala with a single leg hold. 

08:26 PM — Time now for Nirmala Devi to take on Ritu Phogat in an all Indian clash in women’s 50kg category. 

08:24 PM — There goes the final whistle, Shravan earns some praise for Veer Marathas. A 9-0 victory might’ve come too late for the PWL debutants. 

08:22 PM — Couple of rollovers by Shravan as he gets back to back points with an impressive manoeuvre.  

08:20 PM — Utkarsh Kale of PunjabRoyals is trailing by a point in bout-7 as second round between him and Shravan of Veer Marathas gets underway.  

08:18 PM — Next up is bout -7 of the night, Utkarsh Kale of PunjabRoyals takes on Shravan of Veer Marathas. 

08:14 PM — That will do it for Punjab, They are in the finals of Pro Wrestling Season 3 with Pooja’s emphatic win. Pooja Danda pins Marwa Amri as Punjab Royals enters final with unassailable lead.

08:10 PM — Wow! Pooja Danda has shocked the wrestling world with another upset! A four-point takedown was converted into a pinfall in no time! Unbelievable stuff by Pooja Danda as she grabs the headline again.

08:08 PM — Time now for the biggest bout of tonight! Fan favourite and giant killer Pooja Danda is up against veteran wrestler of Veer Marathas Marwa Amri. 

08:06 PM — Veer Marathas have opened their account for the night with Georgri Ketoev’s win over Deepak Punia. They are still behind defending champions with a 4-1 margin. 

08:04 PM — Times up for Deepak Punia and Punjab Royals! Georgri Ketoev registers first win of the night in semi-final 1 for Veer Marathas. Score confirmation: Georgri Ketoev beats Deepak Punia 9-4. 

08:02 PM — Deepak Punia finally gets in the act and scores his first points! His attempt has been thoroughly appreciated by the cheering supporters.  

08:00 PM — Punjab Royals are down for the first time this evening as Georgri Ketoev of Veer Marathaz bags 6 points in the first half. 

07:56 PM — One and a half minutes gone in bout-5 of the first semi-final and both wrestlers are tussling hard to bag points over each other.  

07:54 PM — It’s a typical David and Goliath matchup coming up next as Georgri Ketoev of Veer Marathas takes on Deepak Punia of PunjabRoyals. 

07:52 PM — Punjab Royals are 4-0 up against Veer Marathas. The debutants have landed themselves in a must-win situation with 4 defeats. 

07:50 PM — No surprises ladies and gentlemen, Grigorjiva Anstasija wraps up the tie with technical superiority. She has floored Ritu Malik 16-0. 

07:48 PM — Great takedown to start the second round, Grigorjiva Anstasija is making this a one-sided affair. Points after points for the unbeaten grappler! (Punjab leading 3-0 so far). 

07:46 PM — Two attempts of pinfall by Grigorjiva Anstasija! Only the first round bell can save Ritu Malik. With a bruised eye, Anstasija is leading the bout with a staggering 10-0 margin. 

07:44 PM — Impressive reply to Ritu’s thumb to the eye by Grigorjiva Anstasija!  Using her body weight she takes Malik down to bag first two points of the match. 

07:42 PM — A nasty blow given to Grigorjiva Anstasija! An unintentional thumb to the eye by Ritu Malik of Veer Marathas. 

07:40 PM — It’s time for women’s 64kg contest ladies and gentlemen. This season’s unbeaten grappler Grigorjiva Anstasija is up against Ritu Malik of Veer Marathas. Is another upset in the cards in the semi-final 1!

07:38 PM — Geno Petriashvili has wrapped up this tie with a 4-1 margin. Another important win for Punjab Royals, they lead the semi-finals proceeding 3-0 against Veer Marathas. 

07:36 PM — For viewers who have just joined in, the tie doesn’t seem like it will produce something as both players are pushing hard to earn the second point of the bout.  

07:34 PM — Strong resiliency shown by Geno Petriashvili so far as the second round gets underway with  Levan Berianidze hammering over Punjab’s icon player. 

07:32 PM — Only through passivity Punjab Royals’ icon player Geno Petriashvili has been able to take a 1-0 lead over Levan Berianidze. End of first round, Geno Petriashvili a single point ahead against Levan Berianidze. 

07:30 PM — Time for bout-3 and it’s a heavyweight clash between Veer Marathas Levan Berianidze and Punjab Royals’ icon player Geno Petriashvili. The first round is underway. 

07:28 PM —  Punjab Royals on a roll so far against debutants Veer Marathas. They are 2-0 up so far and showing no signs of slowing down.  

07:26 PM — Major upset by Koumba! She edge past icon player of Veer Marathas. Vasilisa Marzaluik’s unbeaten run has come to a shocking end through the hands of Punjab Royals’ grappler in the Semi-Final 1. 

07:24 PM — We are heading into the last stages of the bout and Koumba has turn things around for herself and  NCR Punjab Royals. She was lighting fast in her attack and excellent point taken by her!

07:22 PM — A point awarded to Vasilisa as passivity gets into play.  Veer Marathas’grapller are 3-1 up now. 

07:20 PM — The second round between Koumba of NCR Punjab Royals is up against Vasilisa Marzaluik of Veer Marathas with Vasilisa leading her opponent 2-1. 

07:18 PM — We are almost closing in the first round of women’s action between Punjab Royals and Veer Marathas. The score is still level pegging between the two. 

07:14 PM — Time for women’s action folks, Koumba of NCR Punjab Royals is up against Vasilisa Marzaluik of Veer Marathas in the second bout. 

07:12 PM — Score confirmation: Ilyas Bekbulatov beats Amit Dhankar with a convincing 10-4 win in the first bout. Punjab Royals are up and running in the semi-final with a 1-0 lead over Veer Marathas.  

07:10 PM —  Too little too late for Amit Dhankar, ILyas has picked up the win for Punjab Royals!

07:08 PM — Amit is caught-up in his own tracks now! It’s points after points for Ilyas, he is leading Punjab’s charge with an 8-2 lead.  

07:04 PM — ILyas has a good healthy record in the PWL Season 3 with just a single defeat. With a 4-0 lead, it looks like he is about to give Punjab Royals a flying start. The second round between Ilyas and Amit is underway.  

07:02 PM — The Russian with his single leg hold attack has picked up crucial 4 points in the first round. Punjab Royals are leading 4-0 in the first bout of the night. 

07:00 PM — The first bout of the semi-final 1 between Amit Dhankar and Ilyas Bekbulatov is underway.     

06:50 PM —  Here’s Veer Marathas’ and Punjab Royals’ co-owners speaking about the much-awaited semi-final clash.

06:20 PM —  Veer Marathas have won the toss against Punjab Royals and they got the Red Corner. 


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