On day 13 of Pro Wrestling League Season 3, Veer Marathas outclassed Delhi Sultans by 5-2 to keep hopes of making it to semifinal alive. Marathas dominated the game throughout not handing many chances to Delhi, who were in hunt of their first win of the season. They will now be looking forward to Mumbai Maharathi’s performance against Punjab Royals on Monday as it will decide their fate in the league. Actor Dino Morea was the star attraction of the match as he made his presence felt in the stadium and cheered for Marathas. 

On the other hand, Delhi ended their disappointing campaign in the league winless. Despite having a star-studded line-up, Delhi could not do justice to their talent and lost all five matches. Sultans had their hopes pinned on Olympic medal-winning wrestler, Sushil Kumar who could not make it to mat even in a single game due to injury and blocking. The final of PWL season 3 will take place on January 27 at Siri Fort Sports Complex. 

Highlights of Delhi Sultans vs Veer Marathas:

08: 42 PM IST | Veer Marathas can still make it to the semifinal, but their fortunes will depend upon Mumbai Maharathi’s performance on Monday. With that, we would like to wrap up our live coverage for today. Do join us tomorrow! Keep giving us your feedback in the comments section below! 

08:39 PM IST | Brienze defeats Hitendra by 8-0. He was fully in control of the game giving Hitendra no chance to gain points. With this win, Veer Marathas have thrashed Delhi Sultans by 5-2. 

08: 27 PM IST | In the last bout of the evening, Veer Marathas’ Lewen Brienze will be taking on Delhi Sultan’s Hitendra Beniwal in the heavyweight 125 kg (men) category. A win here would be great for Delhi to lift up their gloomy spirits. 

08: 18 PM IST | Vasilisa Marzaliuk wins her bout by pin-fall 6-0 against Samar as Veer Marathas win the tie against Delhi Sultans. That means Delhi will be ending their campaign without a single win. 

08: 14 PM IST | Up next, Veer Marathas’ icon player Vasilisa Marzaliuk set to battle it out with Samar Amer Humza of Delhi Sultans. Vasilisa Marzaliuk has been in brilliant form and task ahead of Samar is going to be uphill if she wants to win from here. 

08:08 PM IST | Parveen Rana brings up his third victory of this season by beating Vinod Om Prakash 4-0. A very disappointing season for Vinod and his team Delhi Sultans. Veer Marathas owner expresses his happiness and says he is proud of Rana. 

08:03 PM IST | Rana is showing his dominance and leading the bout by 3-0 at the conclusion of first round. Can Vinod’s youth overpower, Rana’s experience? We gotta watch! 

07:58 PM IST  | Parveen Rana of Veer Marathas is set to clash with Vinod Om Prakash of Delhi Sultans in 74 kg category. Ok, a little trivia now! Vinod has never has beaten Rana before and would like to change that tonight! He has not been able to register a single victory this season either.  

07: 55 PM IST | Amri wins her bout by pin-fall against Phogat 4-0. Marathas equal the score once again. A thrilling contest, it is turning out to be and audiences are loving it. 

07:48 PM IST | All right boys and girls, we are gearing for the next bout of the evening which promises to be as exciting as the last one. Mawra Amri of Marathas set to clash with Delhi’s Sangeeta Phogat in 57 kg (women) category. Can Veer Marathas equal the score? 

07:42 PM IST | A very tight battle it was indeed. Aslan showing superiority by beating Kitoev to register his fifth consecutive victory. He wins the bout by a margin of 3-1. 

07:34 PM IST | Probably the biggest match of tonight is underway between two very strong grapplers. Georgi Kitoev is currently locking horns with Alvaro Aslan in 92 kg (men) category. 

07:26 PM IST | Ritu Phogat has won her bout by technical superiority 17-1. the Tunisian wrestler looked completely helpless as Ritu continued to gain points after points. Mizen had the chance to win by pin-fall in the first round, but she could not take advantage of it. 

07: 18 PM IST | Up next, Ritu Phogat of Marathas vs Maroi Mizen on the cards in 50 kg (women). We are all set for action! 

07: 16 PM IST | Do you know who is in the stadium cheering for Marathas tonight? None other than Dino Morea! 

07: 12 PM IST | Delhi Sultans have won the first bout as Sandeep Tomar beats his opponent by the virtue of a pin-fall 6-1. He has been sensational in this tournament, but his team has led him down. 

07:05 PM IST | Delhi Sultans’ Sandeep Tomar is currently clashing with Naveen of Marathas in 57 kg category. First round is over and Tomar is leading with the help of a takedown 2-1. 

07:00 PM IST | Veera Marathas have won the toss. They have blocked Haji Aliev (65 kg) of Sultans, while Sultans have blocked Ritu Malik (62kg) of Marathas.

06: 34 PM IST | Hi there and a warm welcome to the live coverage of the game between Delhi Sultans and Veer Marathas. The toss will take place in a short while from now! Till then, why don’t you check out these images to keep yourself busy? 

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