Defending champions Punjab Royals produced a clinical performance on Friday to beat Haryana Hammers by a convincing margin of 6-3 to retain the title. Hammers, who were the runner-ups in the previous two seasons as well failed to overcome the Royals, once again and suffered another heartbreak. This is Punjab’s second consecutive PWL title. They had beaten Haryana Hammers in the final in 2017 as well. Although Haryana began the things on a good note with Vladimir Khinchegashvili winning his bout against the Punjab wrestler, they lost the rhythm soon after and Punjab did not give them many chances to make a comeback. 

The final was an electric affair with audiences thronging the Siri Fort Sports complex to witness the summit clash. Veteran bollywood star Dharmendra also marked his presence to cheer for his team Punjab royals who did not disappoint them either. Earlier, Pooja Dhandha, who has been the find of this tournament upset Haryana captain Helen Maroulis once again to guide her team to victory. Apart from Dhandha, Mausam Khatri, Anastasija, Koumba, Geno and Zurabi also won their respective bouts to take the team over the line. 

Here are the highlights of PWL 3 final!

09: 20 PM IST | All right then guys, we wrap up our live coverage for this season. We hope you enjoyed our updates as much as we did. Make some noise for the champs Punjab Royals! Good night, party hard, folks! 

09: 13 PM IST | Mausam Khatri of Punjab Royals winning the last bout of the night by a margin of 4-2 to wrap things up. 

09: 07 PM IST | Khatri leads by 1-0 by virtue of a single point against his opponent. 

09: 01 PM IST | The last bout of the night to take place between Mausam Khatri of Royals and Roublejit Rangi of Haryana Hammers in 92 kg men category. Hammers trying their best to reduce the lead of Punjab, despite their loss. 

08: 58 PM IST | Sun Yanan trying to soothe her team’s wounds a little, she wins the bout by 10-3 against Punjab Royals’ grappler. 

08: 49 PM IST | In 50 kg women category, it is Nirmala Devi of Punjab Royals vs Haryana Hammers’ Sun Yanan. 

08: 43 PM IST | Zurabi beats Karan by 4-0. And it is all over for Haryana Hammers, they suffer another heartbreak. Two more bouts of the night coming up, but only a formality. 

08: 37 PM IST | Things going Punjab Royals way! Zurabi leading by 3-0 at the conclusion of first round. Karan is replacing Harphool today and seems to be struggling. Let’s see what he does in next 3 minutes against the Georgia grappler. 

08:33 PM IST | Up next, Punjab Royals’ grappler Zurabi Lakobishvili warming up to fight it out with Haryana Hammers’ Karan Mor in 65 kg men category. Punjab would like to finish the things off here! 

08: 28 PM IST | Pooja Dhandha continues with the unbelievable stuff, beats Helen by 3-2! Punjab lead by 4-2. 

08: 21 PM IST | A tight battle is taking place. Pooja concedes points for passivity as Helen leads by 1-0 at the end of first round. 

08: 13 PM IST | The upset queen Pooja Dhandha will be taking on Haryana captain Helen in the next bout in 57 kg women category. She has stunned her before in the league stage, can she repeat it?  

08: 11 PM IST | Veteran actor Dharmendra is in the stadium looking absolutely delighted! Well, he has all the reasons to be as Punjab are leading in the tie.  

08:09 PM IST | Geno justifying his icon status, winning by technical superiority 15-0. Punjab lead by 3-2 in the tie. 

08: 06 PM IST | Geno showing his authority, leading by 11-0 at the end of first round. Can he win by technical superiority, looks likely as Malik has no clue whatsoever! 

07: 59 PM IST | All righty then, it is time for the fifth bout of the evening. Making entry onto the mat are Geno Petriashvili (Punjab’s icon player) and Sumit Malik of Haryana Hammers. Punjab captain is yet to lose a bout this season. Can Malik do the unthinkable in 125 kg men category tonight? Only time will tell. 

07: 57 PM IST | Koumba wins the bout by a decent score of 7-0 and the scores are equalled again! It promises to be a nailbiter tie, viewers lovin’ it! 

07: 55 PM IST | The atmosphere at the stadium is absolutely electric. It is full house! 

07: 52 PM IST | Not a very aggressive first round, but Koumba managed to take a 3-0 lead. All eyes on her to enable Punjab to equal the scores. Let’s see what Pooja does now! 

07: 46 PM IST | UP next, Pooja Sihag of Haryana Hammers will wrestle it out with Punjab Royals’ Koumba Larroque in 76 kg women event. 

07: 42 PM IST | Woo! What an exciting bout it was! Tsabolov spinning Jitender around to gain points after points, Jitender had no chance. He wins the bout by technical superiority. Haryana lead by 2-1. 

07: 38 PM IST | End of the first round! Tsabolov leading from the front, he is ahead by 3-0. Jitender will have to pull out something extraordinary. He has turned things around in previous bouts. Can he do it today? 

07: 33 PM IST | Okay, peeps! It is time for the third bout of the night between the finalists. In 74 kg men, Jitender of Royals will be up against Tsabolov of Hammers. 

07: 30 PM IST | Punjab Royals get a taste of victory as Anastasija beats Sarita easily by a margin of 7-2; scores are levelled now. A sigh of relief for Punjab, who are looking for their second consecutive title tonight! 

07: 26 PM IST | Check out what upset queen Pooja Dhandha has to say about the final. 

07: 23 PM IST | Punjab Royals Anastasija is taking on Hammers’ Saria Mor right now in the women’s 62 kg bout. 

07: 15 PM IST |  Vladimir Khinchegashvili beats Naveen Kumar comprehensively by 4-0. The young Punjab Royals’ grappler could not gain a single point in the game again a very experienced Vladimir Khinchegashvili who has not lost a single bout this season. Jubilations in Haryana camp! 

07: 11 PM IST |  Haryana’s Vladimir Khinchegashvili leads by 4-0 at the end of first round. Naveen will have to use all the weapons from his arsenal to get the better of Vladimir who has had a marvellous run this season. 

07:09 PM IST | The wait is over! Punjab’s Naveen Kumar is set to take on Haryana’s Vladimir Khinchegashvili in the first bout of the final in 57 kg men category! Let’s make some noise for both the grapplers! 

07: 09 PM IST | Ladies and gents, are you set for the final?! We are buzzing with excitement and can’t wait for the match to begin! 

06: 35 PM IST | The stadium is full packed! There can be a no better way to celebrate the Republic Day holiday, but to watch an exciting wrestling match that promises to be exciting!  

06: 30 PM IST | Hi there! We are all set for the final match of PWL 3 between Punjab Royals and Haryana Hammers. Match to kick off at 7 PM, but people are already thronging the stadium to witness the conclusion of a stunning season. 

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