On day 14 of Pro wrestling League Season 3, Punjab Royals produced another power-packed performance to defeat Mumbai Maharathi comprehensively by a margin of 5-2 at Siri Fort Sports Complex. Maharathi who were featured in a do-or-die battle looked helpless in front of a mighty Punjab and lost without putting up much of a fight. With this loss, they have also crashed out of the race for semis which will now feature Veer Marathas, Punjab Royals, Haryana Hammers and UP Dangal. 

Mumbai Maharathi suffered two major upsets of the day when in-form Pooja Dhandha stunned Odunayo Adekuoroye next in 57 kg women category. In another bout of the day, Mumbai captain and Rio Olympics bronze medal winner Sakshi Malik was defeated by Anastasija Grigorjeva by virtue of a pin-fall. The league is getting thrilling by the day with stars making there presence felt. Today, heart-throb Himansh Kohli made it to the stadium to witness the game.  The final of PWL will take place on January 27. 

Highlights of Punjab Royals vs Mumbai Maharathi:

08: 58 PM IST | Final score 5-2 in favour of Punjab Royals whom we can’t wait to see in semis. Pooja Dhandha is the player of the match by virtue of that upset over the Nigerian Odunayo Adekuoroye. We will see you tomorrow, same time, same place. Good night! 

08: 55 PM IST | Soslan wins the bout by 7-6. Ilyas is in a lot of pain, but would be happy with his team’s victory. 

08: 53 PM IST | Ilyas has got injured, he is playing with a bandaged knee. Score 7-6 in Soslan’s favour! 

08: 47 PM IST | Soslan leading by 5-2 at the end of first round. Last three minutes remaining in the bout. 

08: 43 PM IST | Soslan Ramonov is another grappler who is yet to lose a bout this season, maybe he can give Mumbai something to cheer for! First-round underway! 

08: 41 PM IST | Up next, in the last bout of the night Mumbai’s Soslan Ramonov will be up against countryman Ilyas Bekbulatov in 65 kg men category

08: 36 PM IST | Anastasija Grigorjeva causes a major upset, defeats Olympic bronze medallist Sakshi Malik 10-2 by virtue of a pin-fall. What a disappointing day it has been for Mumbai Maharathi. 

08: 31 PM IST | Malik trailing by 2-4 after the first round. Her team’s defeat seems to have taken a toll on her morale as well! 

08: 27 PM IST | Up next Mumbai captain Sakshi Malik will be locking horns with Anastasija. Can she lift Mumbai’s spirits here? 

08: 26 PM IST | You know what girls, the cutie Himansh Kohli is also present in the stadium. So you have one more reason to watch the game!

08: 22 PM IST | And with that Mumbai’s hopes of reaching semis end too! It is going to be Veer Marathas in the semifinal. 

08: 17 PM IST |  Geno Petriashvili registers another victory, wins his bout by 7-0. What a pleasure it is to watch this man, he is looking absolutely unbeatable! 

08: 15 PM IST | End of the first round! Geno is ahead by 4-0. He still looks disappointed, was probably looking for more points. 

08: 13 PM IST | Geno Petriashvili earns two points by virtue of two points, first round underway at the moment!

08: 09 PM IST | Welcome back after the break! Time for 125 kg (men) bout! Punjab’s Geno Petriashvili set to wrestle it out with Satender Malik. Geno has been absolutely sensational this season justifying his icon status and would be favourite to win the bout. Can he remain undefeated? 

08: 02 PM IST | Dhandha does it again! Earns last moment points to defeat Odunayo 4-2. She is the upset queen here, Nigerian can’t believe she has been defeated! Punjab extending their lead! 

07: 59 PM IST | Odunayo has the advantage of height and reach, but Dhadha giving her good fight back. She conceded only one point to her opponent for passivity. Can she cause another upset tonight?

07: 53 PM IST | All right, peeps! Make some noise as Pooja Dhandha of Royals will be up in action against Mumbai Mahrathi’s Odunayo Adekuoroye next in 57 kg women category! Dhanda had caused a major upset in the last game so all eyes on her! 

07: 50 PM IST |  Bekhbayar wins his bout against Kale 10-0. Utkarsh showed some aggression in the second round, but opponent proved to be far superior to him. Mumbai register first victory of the night. 

07: 44 PM IST | Disappointment continues for Kale as he continues to concede points. Erdenebatyn Bekhbayar leading by 8-0 at the end of first round, showing his technical superiority. 

07: 39 PM IST | Time for 57 kg (men) bout! Punjab’s Utkarsh Kale set to clash with Mumbai’s Erdenebatyn Bekhbayar. Utkarsh has been struggling in the tournament so far and Mumbai can win their first points of the night! 

07: 35 PM IST | Koumba Larroque winning the bout by 2-0, she did not have to do much as her opponent was two passive and she was gifted with the two points. Punjab are now leading by 2-0 in the game. 

07: 32 PM IST | Second round has begun, Cynthia still too passive on the mat! Not much action happening as both the girls still seem to be sizing each other up. 

07: 29 PM IST | A very tight battle currently underway on the mat. Koumba Larroque is leading by 1-0 at the conclusion of first round. Cynthia preventing her opponent to make her moves, but gave away one penalty points as she was too passive. 

07: 25 PM IST | The second bout of the night is currently on wherein Koumba Larroque is taking on Cynthia Vescan in the 76 kg women category. 

07: 18 PM IST | Woo, what an exciting bout it was! Deepak making a dramatic comeback in last few minutes levelling the scores 5-5. Satyawart challenged the decision, but panel gives it to Punia. One penalty point awarded to Deepak as Satyawart went against the decision. Punia winning it by 6-5 in the end! The crowd is absolutely shocked with the upset! 

07:09 PM IST | Kadian and Punia fighting it out on the mat. Punia too defensive, gifts away points to Kadian for passivity. 

07: 05 PM IST | Okay then, ladies and gents it is time for the first bout of the night. Deepak Punia of Punjab is all set to wrestle it out with Satyavrat Kadian of Mumbai Maharathi in 92 kg men event. 

06: 59 PM IST | Toss Time! Mumbai captain Sakshi Malik wins the toss, blocks 50 kg (women) category. Men’s 74 kg category blocked by Royals in return. That means, Nirmala Devi will be missing from action, bad news for Punjab! 

06: 40 PM IST |As both the teams gear up for the battle, check out these pictures from the stadium.

06: 03 PM IST | Hi there! A very warm welcome to the live coverage of PWL. Today’s match is going to be very crucial for Mumbai Maharathi and Veer Marathas who are in contention for a berth into semis. While Mumbai would like to beat Royals to make it to last-four stage, Marathas would be rooting for Punjab Royals’ win as it would clear their way for semis. The toss will take place at 6: 50 PM