Punjab Royals thrashed Delhi Sultans by 6-1 on Thursday to cruise into the semifinal of Pro Wrestling League Season 3. Fresh from their win over strong Haryana Hammers, a confident Royals were in full dominance throughout the match giving Sultans no chance to come back into the game. Delhi looked out of sorts once again showing no fight back. Three bouts were won by Punjab by virtue of pin-fall showing their dominance over the game. 

With this loss, Delhi Sultans have crashed out of the race for semis. It must be recalled that they have lost all four matches of the season so far. Punjab, on the other hand, have stormed into semis. In the next match, Veer Marathas will clash with UP Dangal on Friday. The final of PWL will take place on January 23 at Siri Fort Sports Complex marking the end of a very exciting season so far. 

Highlights of the match between Punjab Royals and Delhi Sultans: 

08:44 PM IST | With this marvellous victory, Punjab have reached the semis of the tournament as well. With that we wrap up our live coverage! Thanks for joining in! 

08: 40 PM IST | Pooja beats Sangeeta by pinfall 6-0. What a performance it has been by Royals, 3 pin-falls in one single game! And with that Punjab have beaten Delhi Sultans by 6-1. 

08:34 PM IST | UP next it is going to be a bout between Pooja of Punjab Royals and Sangeeta Phogat of Delhi Sultans. 

08:28 PM IST | Ilyas Bekbulatov wins his bout against Haji. Quite a one-sided match it was, Haji might have lost his confidence after Delhi’s loss once again! 

08: 21 PM IST |  Ilyas Bekbulatov is in full on attacking mode, leads the bout by 6-0 against Haji. Will Haji fight back? 

08: 16 PM IST | Punjab Royals’ Ilyas Bekbulatov is set to clash with Aliev Haji of Delhi Sultans in 65 kg (men) category. This is probably going to bee the toughest battle of tonight as both wrestlers have many laurels to their name. 

08:04 PM IST |  Geno Petriashili has done the job for his team! He has also won his bout by pinfall (10-0). Punjab reach the semis, Delhi Sultans are virtually out of finals’ race. 

07:55 PM IST | Geno Petriashili, iconic player of Punjab Royals is going to battle it out against Delhi’s Hitender Beniwal in the next bout of the night in 125 kg (men) category. Geno has been in superb form and would be the favourite in today’s match as well. Can Punjab finish the game right here? 

07:55 PM IST | Woo! The fight is already over! Anastasija Grigorjeva wins the bout by pinfall within one minute. Delhi Sultans inching towards their fourth loss of the season! 

07: 52 PM IST | All right people, it is time for 62 kg (women) bout. Anastasija Grigorjeva is up against Delhi Sultans’ Monia Dhanoa. Dhanoa yet to win a bout this season, can her quest for victory end today? 

07: 47 PM IST | Jitender has won his second consecutive bout of the season easily against Vinod. Royals lead by 2-1. Jitender says he is really happy with his victory and it would have been stupid to underestimate his opponent. 

07: 35 PM IST | Next bout is between Jitender of Punjab Royals and Vinod Om Prakash of Delhi Sultans. Jitender had won his bout dramatically in the last match, can he repeat his heroics? Experience on his side. 

07: 31 PM IST | Nirmala Devi has won her bout comfortably against Maroi Mizen of Delhi Sultans. punjab equal the team score. An unexpected win for Nirmala who had impressed in her last bout as well. 

07: 24 PM IST | Nirmala Devi is showing her dominance on the mat. She is leading by 2-0 after the first round. Can Tunisian wrestler turn things around? We gotta see! 

07: 19 PM IST | Nirmala Devi of Punjab Royals walking into the mat to take on Delhi Sultans’ Maroi Mizen in 50 kg (women) category. 

07: 11 PM IST| Alvaro Aslan of Delhi Sultans beats his opponent Nasir Hussain in first bout of the day by 14-1.  Delhi Sultans lead by 1-0. 

07:04 PM IST| Hello and Welcome to our live coverage of the match between Punjab Royals and Delhi Sultans! Action to begin shortly, Royals have won the toss! they have blocked 57 kg men’s category, while Delhi have blocked 74 kg women category.