The sixth encounter of the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 witnessed a nail-biter between Punjab Royals and Veer Marathas wherein Royals emerged victorious with a scoreline of 4-3. At the end of the sixth match, the scores were levelled at 3-3. The final bout of the night took place between Jitender of Punjab and Parveen Rana of Veer Marathas wherein Jitender, who was trailing by 0-4 in the first round, made an astonishing comeback to clinch the bout by 7-4. With this win, Punjab opened their account in the season as they had suffered a defeat in the last match. 

The league is getting interesting with each passing day as encounters are turning out to be cliffhangers. The next match will take place between UP Dangal and Delhi Sultans on Monday. Around 54 renowned wrestlers from around the world are taking part in the action-packed league which is witnessing splendid encounters among six teams. The final will be played on January 23 at the Siri Fort Sports Complex in New Delhi. 

Here are the highlights of the match between Punjab Royals and Veer Marathas:

08: 45 PM IST |  Jitender indeed managed to turn things around with a last moment remarkable move. Jitender wins by 7-4. Rana protested against the last points given to Jitender, but the jury sticks to its decision awarding an extra point to Royals due to the protest by Marathas. And with that Punjab Royals have won the game by 4-3! We end the live coverage right here, see you tomorrow! 

08: 38 PM IST | Rana scored a 4-pointer right away to get to a lead in the first round. Can Jitender turn the things around, he is a seasoned wrestler and can certainly do the unthinkable. 

08: 31 PM IST | All right then, peeps. Last bout of the game coming up! Jitender Kumar of Punjab who is set to take on  Parveen Rana of Marathas in the 74 kg category. Both the wrestlers must be under tremendous pressure as the bout will decide the outcome of the game. 

08: 27 PM IST | Ritu Phogat wins by 9-7 against Nirmala Devi. What a great battle it was between the two young women. Devi very very disappointed at the moment. Marathas equal the scores once again! The final bout of the night to decide the outcome of the game! 

08: 20 PM IST | Ritu almost pinned Nirmala Devi in the first round. Let’s see what Phogat does now! 

08: 13 PM IST | Nirmala Devi of Punjab  set to clash with Marathas’ Ritu Phogat in 50 kg (women).

08: 08 PM | Shravan started the bout well taking a two points lead. However, Utkarsh managed to turn the things around and finally emerged victorious with a score of 5-4. It was a repeat of national championships last year with Shravan losing the bout against Kale once again! Royals lead by 3-2 

08:03 PM IST | Both the wrestlers are currently tied at 1-1 after the first round. Great nail-biting fight taking place at the mat as both are well aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

07:55 PM IST | Up next is the battle between Utkarsh Kale of Punjab Royals and Shravan Kumar of Veer Marathas in the 57 kg (men) category. 

07:55 PM IST | Iconic player of Marathas, Vasilisa Marzaliuk lives up to the expectations. She defeated her opponent by 6-2. And with that Marathas have equalled the team scores. It is women are who are doing the trick for Marathas, sending a wave of happiness in their camp. 

07: 48 PM IST | Vasalisa’s experience getting the better of Koumba Larroque’s strength and youth. She leads by 5-0 at the end of first round. 

07: 44 PM IST | Koumba Larroque of Royals is currently up in arms against Vasilisa Marzaliuk of Marathas on the mat in women’s 76 kg category. Can Marathas equal the score here? Looks likely has their player has got a lot of experience on her hands. 

07:39 PM IST | Geno wins comfortably against Levan Berianidze by 3-0. Levan tried some great moves in the game to get the better of Geno. However, Petriashvili utilised his experience to the fullest giving his opponent no chance to score points. Not a very attacking fight though as Geno was warned of passivity by the referee during the bout. However, he managed to win in the end. Royals lead by 2-1

07:28 PM IST | Time for the most exciting bout of the night between icon player Geno Petriashvili of Punjab and Marathas’ Levan Berianidze in 125 kg category (men ). Both the wrestlers warming up at the moment. Who will take the lead here? Geno would start as favourite! 

07: 26 PM IST | Amri wins the bout against Pooja by 10-3. Great comeback by Veer Marathas! 

07: 20 PM IST | Amri clearly the favourite here, after first round she is leading the bout by 8-2 against Pooja. 

07: 20 PM IST | Pooja Dhandha of Punjab is currently battling it out with Marwa Amri of Marathas in 57 kg category. 

07: 16 PM IST | Punjab Royals have won the first bout of the night, lead by 1-0. 

07: 14 PM IST | Punjab Royals have won the toss. 

06:40 PM IST | Hello and welcome to our live coverage of match between Punjab Royals and Veer Marathas. The toss to take place at 6:50 PM. Stay right here for all the updates! 


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