The excitement around the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 is at its peak as the encounters are getting interesting day by day. UP Dangal continued their winning ways on Saturday when they beat Mumbai Maharathi by 4-3 in a tight contest. While UP have won both their matches, Mumbai Maharathi lost their first battle of the tournament. They had beaten Delhi Sultans in the opening encounter of the league. 

UP began on a stunning note winning both their initial bouts. However, Maharathi made a strong comeback, courtesy wins of  Satyawart Kadian and Sakshi Malik. In the sixth bout, it looked like Mumbai will win and the game will be decided in the final round. However, UP got their rhythm back and finished the contest right there. In the next encounter, Veer Marathas will clash with Punjab Royals on Sunday. 

Highlights of UP Dangal vs Mumbai Maharathi: 

08:32 PM IST | Soslan Ramonov beats Bajrang Punia by 3-0 by virtue of a great pinfall. UP Dangal win by 4-3. What a nice battle it was! And with that, we wrap our live coverage for today. See you tomorrow! 

08:28 PM IST | The final bout of the night is going to take place between Bajrang Punia of UP Dangal and Soslan Ramonov of Mumbai Maharathi in 65 kg (men) category. 

08:23 PM IST | Vanesa of UP Dangal made a supreme comeback to take the bout 7-5. And with that UP Dangal have won today’s game as well. One more bout remaining! 

08: 18 PM IST | Odunayo of Mumbai leading by 3-0  after the first round. Can Mumbai level the scores here? What a tight contest it is turning out to be! 

08: 12 PM | Vanesa of UP Dangal will fight with Odunayo of Mumbai in the next bout (57 kg). 

08: 10 PM IST | Well, unfortunate for Veer as he could not continue after the injury. AbduraKhmonov Bekzod wins by 12-0. Mumbai get behind once again. 

08:06 PM IST | Veer has been injured, being treated. Can he come back? 

08: 02 PM IST  | Next up a bout between UP Dangal’s AbduraKhmonov Bekzod and Mumbai’s Veer Dev in 74 kg (category). Mumbai have made a great comeback, it would be interesting if they manage to get a lead. 

08:00 PM IST | Sakshi Malik wins by 16-0. Mumbai level the scores. 

07: 54 PM IST | Sakshi Malik leading the bout by 8-0. Malik utilising her experience to the fullest as Reshma struggles. 

07: 48 PM IST | Sakshi Malik on the mat people! She will be taking on UP Dangal’s Reshma Mane in 62 kg (women) category! 

07:43 PM IST | Mumbai finally open their account as Kadian beats Vicky by 10-2. He was fully in the control of the game giving no chance to Vicky to score points. 

07:37 PM IST | Kadian leading by 3-0 in the first round. Vicky giving him a good fight, but unable to get to any points. Experience is the key here and Kadaian has plenty of it. 

07: 31 PM IST | Next bout is between Vicky of UP Dangal and Satyawart Kadian of Mumbai Maharathi in 92 kg (men) category. Both the wrestlers warming up!  

07:28 PM IST | As expected, Vinesh wins the bout against Seema by 10-0 giving no chances to her opponent whatsoever. UP Dangal extend their lead by 2-0. Mumbai desperately need to win a couple of bouts here. 

07:21 PM IST | Vinesh Phogat of UP Dangal is currently battling it out against Mumbai’s Seema in 50 kg category. Phogat certainly a favourite here, can it make it 2-0 for UP? 

07: 13 PM IST | UP start on a stunning note as Nitin of UP Dangal beats Yatsenko Andrey 4-3 in the 57 kg category. 

07:03 PM IST | Mumbai Maharathi win the toss. 

06:17 PM IST| Hello and welcome to our live coverage of match between UP Dangal and Mumbai Maharathi. Toss to take place at 6:50 PM.